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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

More updates...

First, TT1 is still kicking major butt. They have passed through TS 26, are averaging 23.29mph and are ahead of ViaSat by about an hour and 13 minutes. Yikes... that's not a big lead, but I'm sure they'll hold them off. They are in Kansas now which is Tom's favorite part, although he's sleeping/eating/massaging as I write this. :) Last night he was confused as to where he was, insisting that they were in KS already when in fact that where still in Colorado. He said that it was cold, very windy and pouring. His shift was to start in about 45 minutes and it was going to be dark for the entire ride. Hum... sounds fun doesn't it? I can't believe that they will be done in 2.5 days! It does go by fast!

As for me, I'm holding down the fort. Work is crazy, I'm trying to get my long training days in so that I'm not worrying about it this weekend, I had to mow the grass (in between the rain) and keep the house clean, etc. Normal stuff that Tom usually helps with. It's hard being alone... I don't think I could ever be single! :)

I got a fun package in the mail yesterday. Jon over at SwimCycloRun had a contest a few days ago about defining the phrase "going taper crazy". He ended up picking my entry which was super cool and sent me 5 Larabars to try. I'm excited. If you want to read my answer to the definition, visit his blog and give him a shout out!

So, the race results from this weekend. I was going to do a whole race report and all the glam that goes with it, but I just don't have the time. Here's a brief rundown of the two races. I'm happy... that's all that matters!

Wendy's Women's Only Tri - Saturday
Swim (.25 miles) - 10:30 - which was really slow, but all the times were a bit slow.
T1 - 1:26 - with a wetsuit! WOO HOO!
Bike (12.2 miles) - 35:17 - average 20.6 Had hoped this had been faster...
T2 - 1:03 - in and out and short and sweet. I'm getting better!
Run (2 miles) - 15:58 average of 7:59's. I wanted to be under 8's!
Total time - 1:04:11
1st overall out of 123

Wendy's International Tri - Sunday
Swim (.5 miles) - 16:08 - I felt a little better about this one than Saturday's.
T1 - 1:36 - this is about average for me
Bike (16.8 miles) - 49:20- average 20.6 this is where I started to feel Saturday's race! :) (the results are listed at 22.6 mph, but I think that's based on a distance of 18.6 miles which was last year's course... oh how I wish I had been that fast!)
T2 - 1:15
Run (3.1 miles) - 25:36 average of 8:15's. I had hoped for a sub 25, but my legs just weren't there
Total time - 1:33:59
5th in my AG and 16th of 137 women. I did PR on this course though by over a minute!

Jeff Sheard at Ultrafit-USA did an amazing job with both races. Can't wait to race them both next year. Hopefully Tom will be there though! :)


Stevi N. Honaker said...

Awesome Job Tom keep it up...and again congrats to you on a killer race this weekend.

Kim said...

wow colleen - you friggin KILLED it this weekend! nice work lady! and yay to tom and team!

Aimee (I Tri To Be Me) said...

Woohoo! Congrats on your races! You did awesome! :)

Danica said...

Congrats to you and Tom!

Chris said...

Thanks for all the updates on TT1 and congrats on an AWESOME racing weekend!!

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