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Friday, November 5, 2010

What does your gym do for you?

FIRST THINGS FIRST... Before I get to my very important post about what your gym does for you, I have to thank two people. I recently won two give-aways. First, I won an adorable "Runalicious" shirt from Jamie at RunningDivaMom. This shirt is awesome - so soft and super cute! I wore it to kickboxing today and meant to get a picture of me in it, but didn't get a chance (and now it's sweaty and stinky so I'll spare you and me from putting it back on for a picture). Anyway, I love it and am a big fan of Runalicious. Visit their store and you won't be disappointed. The second giveaway that I won was a set of three Chrissy's Knee High Socks from Tressa at Train with a Track Coach and His Adorable Wife. I got these three (and no, those aren't my legs):

I ran in the white ones the other night and thought for sure that they would fall down during the run or be uncomfortable on my feet, but I loved them! Stayed up and everything. I'm debating whether or not to wear these to kickboxing. Doesn't seem like that kind of crowd, but when have I ever been part of the crowd??? Seriously these socks are great and so much fun! So thank you to Jamie and Tressa, as well as Runalicious and Chrissy's - hum... maybe I can get a shirt and some socks to give away on my blog... maybe a little gift that keeps on giving? (thekingerys [@] hotmail.com if you are interested!)
Back to my regularly scheduled blog post.

So, what does your gym do for you?

We had some friends over the other night and we were talking about the perks of their gym - beyond getting in shape and all that stuff. Our friends said that their gym offers them discounts to TYR (which is totally awesome as a triathlete), as well as some local places. I've heard of gyms partnering with places like GNC for discounts on supplements.

But not my gym. They do it right.

Today I walk in a see a sign that says "Show your membership card at Chipotle and get a free burrito when you purchase a burrito. Good through the first of the year".

I can go workout (or better yet, not even have to work out), drive next door to Chipotle, show them that I belong to a gym (which is an awesome gym and only costs me and Tom $28 bucks a month total) get myself two mammoth calorie laden burritos for the price of one.

Stupid or genius?

See the normal person would shake their head and say "well that's dumb. Why would you work out and then go indulge on a 1000+ calorie burrito (yeah, I get mine in a tortilla, with cheese and rice people - no bowls with just veggies for this girl!)?" But I think that the marketing person for Urban Active sees it differently. If they can entice a person to work out and then get a burrito, most likely that person will feel super guilty and come back to work out, possibly hiring a personal trainer for an ungodly amount per hour because they can't possibly figure out why they aren't losing the weight.

Genius right? Yeah, I thought so to.

Either way, I'm totally taking advantage of the deal. And I'm smart enough to know why I'm not losing any weight! :)
Happy Friday!


Diana Tries-A-Tri! said...

This must be why my gym has a candy bowl out right now! haha, that's actually pretty awesome about the burritos. I don't think my gym has ANY perks! Lame

Emz said...

I AM LOVING the socks.


At to my gym and what it does for me . . . . it makes me want to workout at home. I swear 3/4 of the people there go to find their "soul" mate. Meat market. hilarious to watch while upstairs on the mill though.

Molly said...

Sweet deal! yum. Chipotle.

That's funny you were born in Queens, I was born in Maspeth, Queens!!

Kristin said...

BA HA HA!! THats a great post!! My gym has a snack bar and smoothie bar. I looked at some of the calories onthose things and some of them are up to 1300 cal!! Love the socks too!!

Jon said...

I use my gym strictly for the pool.

Quite the deal you got going there with Chipotle! LOVE Chipotle!

Anne-Marie said...

That's awesome about Chipotle! I love that place, but there isn't one that's too convenient to my house/work (which may be a good thing calorie and money-wise...)

Aimee said...

That's an awesome deal! My husband would be all over it!

track coach and adorable wife said...

Glad you are loving the socks! I was really suprised they didn't fall down or bother me either but they worked great. Now we just need to see a pic! And you totally need to wear them to kickboxing. Who wouldn't want those socks kicking them in the face?

I would also indulge in the burrito, hello that is why we work out!

kizzy said...

Awesome post...I admire the Chrissy's Knee High Socks it look so cool...wish i can buy one like that.

--kizzy smartwool

Christi said...

My gym partnerned with Qdoba and was offering lettuce wraps. I thought that was a good idea but then forgot to take advantage of the deal. Duh!

I love the socks!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Which Urban Active had this? I goto the Polaris location and occasionally to the Powell location on Sundays, I am a little jealous, it cost me $25 a month for me to your $14, but your right, it is an awesome gym, very triathlete friendly.

Lori said...

Dude, thanks for the heads up...we LOVE Chipotle here! Well, I love it, and Jason kinda likes it when he's in the mood :D

What does my gym do for me? (Coincidentally, the same gym you go to :p)...variety! I can run on the track (which I prefer to the TM unless there's a good movie on in the movie room...preferably a movie that won't startle me and make me fall off the TM), do other cardio machines, lift, do spin or other classes, swim...I'm rarely bored!

Forward Foot Strides said...

Ha, that's awesome. Although my current gym has no perks ($100 a year for membership and it's in the lobby of my workplace), my old gym frequently had free cake, always celebrating something and giving away cake it seemed. Same tactic as your gym maybe?

Forward Foot Strides said...

P.S., you were randomly selected as my featured blog of the week!

My Life and Running said...

Wow! I can't get past that your gym only costs $28! Sweet deal!

bojanglesk8 said...

The gym is like a temple.

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