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Saturday, April 4, 2009

I'm a slacker

I haven't written a blog in over a week. That's bad! :) We've been busy with work (no matter what the economy is, people still get hurt which sadly, is a good thing for us!) and the beginning of the week, Tom was traveling and speaking on behalf of Team Type 1 so of course I was uber swamped! (he, by the way, did AMAZING! My little quiet, shy hubby is no longer. Whatching him made me thnk "who is this guy and what have they done with Brady?" He was a rock star!) I'm finally getting some time to just catch up with things since Tom's out biking 100 miles and I'm without a car... it seems like the days are flying again.

I have a race tomorrow - the Xenia Half Marathon. It's a great little race about an hour and a half away that's like $20 to enter. They have a full and a half, it's timed, last year they had chicken and noodles or chili as post race food (this is definitely something to consider when picking your race schedule in my opinion!) and it's easy to add miles if you do the half which is what I needed. I have an 18 scheduled for tomorrow so at least I don't have to die a slow death by myself! Tom will run the first 13.1 with me and then I just have to creep through another 5 alone and I'll be done. It's hard to believe that I only have 2 long runs left. Yikes! It seems so funny to me that I'm questioning my ability to run 26.2 miles, when just 5 months ago, I did 26.2 AFTER biking 112 and swimming 2.4, with a smile on my face! Oh the pressures I put on myself...

So I'll update the blog sooner than a week from now with results, maybe some pictures and hopefully some good results (my PR for a half marathon race is 1:56:38. In my last 2 long training runs I've been under that so hopefully that bodes well for a good race tomorrow!)


Kathleen said...

Have fun tomorrow. Post race chicken & noodles? That sounds great!

Borsch said...

I hope you did well!

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