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Monday, April 27, 2009

Race Week

It's hard to believe that it's already race week for both Tom and I. Tom leaves on Wednesday and is heading to California to race Wildflower. He's super excited as it's the first Team Type 1 Tri Team race so if you are racing there, check out the 11 men and women in white, lime green and purple. They are a kick ass group of athletes! He'll be gone until Monday. Boo hiss...

Sunday, I have the Flying Pig Marathon. I'm getting excited. I had a little freak out period where everyone I talked to told me how horrible the race was in terms of difficulty, but whatever. I welcome the challenge. I don't think that I'll beat 4 hours which was a goal that I had kind of unofficially made for myself. I just want to have fun with the race and enjoy the fact that I trained for a marathon by myself and am racing the marathon on my own. I'd love to finish in maybe 4:10 or so, but we'll see how I fare. That would be a 35 minute PR so we'll see. I'm number 1232 if you feel like checking me out on Sunday, although I'll definitely post a race report when I get home.

Where do the days go? I mean, the last I remember it was winter. Now it's nearly May and topping 86 degrees in Ohio. Guess I shouldn't complain!!!


Danica Lynn said...

Good luck Colleen!!! You can do it!

Emily said...

Good luck, girlie! I know you will kick some Flying Pig ASS! Just don't contract swine flu while you're at it!! LOL!

Danica Lynn said...

I have to say this cause someone on the Nest Board posted about the swine flu:

just don't get jiggy with the piggy!

megan said...

good luck Colleen!!!!!!!! You are going to do so well on Sunday. If I made it through with a stress fracture, I know you'll get through it with flying colors! I can't wait to hear how you did! :)

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