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Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday RAAM Report

I want to start my RAAM reports today even though the race doesn't start until tomorrow. I've talked to Tom, who has gotten to Oceanside and all is well there. He said that it's been a lot of meetings and just going over who's doing what. They got out yesterday for a ride and then again today. He said his hand is feeling good and that he's right in the mix of all the guys so he's feeling a little better about it all. Today they all have to go and have the official bike and uniform checks and then there is a mandatory race meeting for all of the athletes and volunteers. Two teammates had flights canceled yesterday due to the weather and are delayed today so that could cause problems and possibly penalties before the race even starts. Let's keep our fingers crossed that it's not the case.

So the race starts tomorrow for all team riders at 2:00 west coast time. The individuals are already out on the course (women starts a few days ago and the men started either yesterday or Wednesday... I forget). Here's the route if you are interested. You can also click here for the route and it will bring you to the bigger map which is easier to see. Here's the link for the climbing as well - YIKES! I do think it's amazing that the biggest climbs actually come in WV which happens to be about the last day for the riders... nice gut check if you ask me!
Thanks to everyone for their kind wishes and words of encouragement for Tom (and me) the last few days! It really meant a lot!


Allison said...

How exciting, Colleen!! I'll definitely be looking forward to hearing how Tom is doing. I can't believe all the different roads they'll be on...I was looking at the map and it looks like they'll go through Chillicothe, then looked at the directions and they will--50 could be a rough ride through SE Ohio. Either way, I think this is just so cool... :)

Danica said...

Go Tom Go!!! SO excited!!!!