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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Over and Out

Just wanted to post quickly and say that I'm off to Annapolis. Talked to Tom briefly this morning (well longer than usual as he was walking around a Wal-Mart) and he was in a really good mood. I think he's just ready to be in MD with everyone, drinking a beer if you ask me! :) They were in Athens this morning and were just switching riders so Tom was a little weary of what lies ahead - the climbing in West Virginia and the heat! UGH... his worst nightmare! Guess the guys have seen a huge improvement in Tom's climbing just over the last 4 days so he was happy. Had found some caffeine this morning and was raring to go. Tango has 2 more shifts, Cash has one and then they will ride in together sometime tonight. The RAAM website says it'll be sometimes after midnight!!! The record is still in reach, as long as they keep pushing today. I think their lead on ViaSat is upwards of 5.5 hours now!!!

Some of you asked what his transitions were like. Here's a good video of that.

I can't think you all enough for you constant support. When the days were getting long (for both of us because as had as he's working, it was quite lonely here without him) your constant support really meant so much to us. He worked so hard for this race and never expected it to be as draining emotionally and I know that all of your calls, emails, comments, blogs, facebook updates, etc. really helped!

Hopefully I'll have internet access in Maryland and will be able to post updates. We'll be back Sunday night late if not.



Kate said...

Yay for Tom, hope they make it to beat the record!

Chris said...

Very cool. Almost there, keep it up!

Jumper 2.0 said...

I have been following this with every post and am very excited for you and Tom! This just rocks!