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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday Evening update

Talked to Tom for just a little bit tonight. He had just finished a hard long shift - he said lots of climbing and unfortunately no TT bikes for the flats due to a follow van catching on fire! Yikes! Luckily everyone was alright and although the van is destroyed, they were able to transfer the trailer with the TT bikes and keep the guys riding. Tom had just finished eating and was heading to sleep for a while. Hopefully he'll get some good shut eye before the next shift which will probably start around 2:00am Ohio time. He said that the volunteers have been amazing and that although it's definitely the hardest thing he's ever done, he's having a blast (that makes wifey happy... hopefully it keeps being fun for all of them!)

So far, they are still in the lead and by quite a bit (YAY!!!) Not that this will make a ton of sense, but as of 11:00pm my time, they had passed Time Stop #12 which is Montezuma Creet, UT at the 718.7 mile point of the race and are averaging 25.2 mph. The next team (ViaSat) has only hit TS #11 (which is 39.6 miles before at mile 679.1) and they hit that point 20 minutes before TT1 hit #12. ViaSat is averaging 24.14 mph. I don't know what they equals... like an hour lead or something. Come on guys... keep making that gap bigger and bigger!!! That's what we like to see!

I want to give a shout out to Team Type 2 as well. They are doing awesome! What an inspiration these guys are! They are through TS #8 and are averaging 17.38mph. Keep up the good work guys!

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teacherwoman said...

Van on fire?! Eeks! Glad to hear Tom is enjoying this!