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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday Morning Check in and shout out

Heard from Tom last night late through text. His pulls were going well. He had just averaged 45mph for 10-15 minutes on a flat because of a tailwind. Team Tango was working hard to get the lead which they took just before midnight. As of time stop #5 (Congress, AZ) they were in the lead by about 33 minutes. About 45 minutes so, he texted me again and sent some pictures of their RV and where they slept last night, as well as telling me that he's starting his next pull. I'm hoping to hear from him in about 7 hours or so.

I hate combining this with my RAAM post, but I wanted to just say happy Father's Day to all the wonderful dad's out there, mine especially. Dad, you have been there for me through so much. I know I tested you a bunch when I was "finding my way" in this crazy game of life, but I appreciate you letting me learn and grow and no matter how much of a brat I was being, you loved me with all your heart. You always make me laugh, encourage me to challenge myself, love my crazy husband with all of his traveling and racing, never question what we're doing with our lives and most importantly, have become a great friend to both of us. We look up to you and love you with all our hearts too! Hope you have a fabulous all-about-me day!

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teacherwoman said...

Sounds like Tom is doing pretty well!