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Monday, June 22, 2009

Here's a great video from RAAM yesterday!

Talked to Tom late last night. He was sleepy - there were mechanical issues with their RV so he didn't get much sleep and their 8 hour shift was starting around 1am and going through the Rockies. I'm hoping he calls anytime with an update. They have completed time station 16 (Chama, NM) and are averaging 24.09. Tom said last night that the only update they have been given is that they are ahead of last year's time by an hour and a half.

**Updated** Tom just called me and said that they had a tough night. Climbing all night and it was cold - low 40's and dark. They did great, but of course had some problems when about 18 miles out from the transition, the car ran out of gas. He said that they rode in twos the last 18 miles and have nothing left. He's in the middle of NM, just ate a big burrito (I feel bad for the guys in the RV later!!!) and that he's hoping to get some sleep. No showers because those were on the RV that broke down! (And being the good wifey that I am, bought him showerless wipes just in case he needed them and I think he was embarrassed to bring them so he left them behind. Team tango would be LOVIN' some Colleen right now if he had brought them!)

They are pumped - and feeling good!

I might be leaving earlier on Thursday so that I don't miss them at this rate! :)

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Carolyn said...

You are too funny about the wipes and the burrito. Mike brings wipes to hunting camp, and they eat lots of beans up there...so glad it is men in that camp (and in that CAR with Tom) and not us ladies! he he