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Monday, January 31, 2011

January Review

I don't tend to do reviews of my month, but I figured why not. I've been following a loose plan - that is, I'm still in the base phase of the Ironman training and I'm trying to just stay active, work on form a little bit and not get too ahead of myself. I'm pretty happy with my month though all in all.

Totals for January:
Swim - 11,000 yards (two tests in which I bettered my 100 average by 8 seconds!)
Bike - 172.1 miles (all indoors, but I feel like I'm getting stronger, at least on the trainer)
Run - 69.6 miles (countless miles running in circles at the gym... can't beat the people watching)
Cross - 1 hour
Kickboxing - 2 hours (I quit after the first two classes of the year)
Total time: 26:17:40

This will probably be my lowest month of the year and I'm totally fine with that. I'm building my base, staying injury free, and enjoying the schedule.

February though, is a little different. With it only being 28 days, Tom and I are revamping our eating and seeing how it goes. Nothing crazy, but I went to the grocery today and bought meals for the next 10 days so that I'm not tempted to eat out (although the exception is Friday when I'll be celebrating my birthday with our dear friends). I'm also going to do a 28 day boot camp including push ups, pull ups and core work. Just a little personal kick start for the next 28 days. I'll let you know how it goes.

How was your January? Any highs and lows?

Friday, January 28, 2011

You are great

I just have to say, you are all great. I loved the comments about my need for a vacation, as well as the good thoughts during our ski/casino trip. Here's an update for you - the vacation idea kind of came and went. We booked a cruise and then proceeded to cancel it less than 24 hours later when my voice of reason kicked in. Damn it sucks being responsible! Honestly, it would have been heaven to sit in the sun with an umbrella drink and read trashy educational magazines, but the cruise lines get ya, hook line and sinker. I booked this great 3 day cruise for an unbelievably low price (like too good to be true low price). Then it happens - you find out that it's going to cost $170 to get from the airport to the boat, $200 to get my passport renewed and to me in less than 4 weeks, $60+ dollars in tips, who knows how much $ for beer and soda, $ for a dog sitter, $ to park out car at the airport while we are gone, etc. I guess I was having an airhead moment when I booked and thought that I was actually getting off that easy. So being a grown up, I realized that wasn't a smart choice and canceled. We're traveling to some great locations for races this year - Knoxville, Portland, Chicago and Sandusky (what, you mean the beach and water at Lake Erie aren't like that of the Bahamas?) so I need to just suck it up buttercup and realize that if I want to spoil myself in the sun, I can move out of Ohio. :)

As for the casino and ski trip - great time! BUT... we didn't ski (which was good because that means I didn't have a chance to break my face, and yes, you can totally break your face). My poor momma has been in PT for some hamstring problems for quite a while now and she was really scared to risk hurting herself some more (not to mention she has a bum back). It would have been hard for all of us to enjoy the day, knowing that she was trying to be a tough girl for us, or worse, sitting in the "lodge" while we were having fun. We opted to stay in the casino and blow through some more money. Honestly, I didn't lose much (although I didn't win much either... penny slots are not big payers). There was a lady at a machine down from us that was all nonchalant when the bells started ringing above her machine. She won $82000 on a quarter machine. $82000! She just sat there and smiled. Hello - Tom and I said that we would have been doing carpet angels and running around like we just struck gold. Hell, I almost did that when I won $50 on the Zeus penny slot game. I was big time people...

Okay, so that's that. I have other exciting news and needed to wait to tell you because I needed to break it to my mom first (no, I'm not pregnant).

I've decided to do another 140.6. I know. I know. What happened to the "I'll never do that again" statement? If you know me, you know that it's total BS and to never listen to me. I said that after my first marathon (and I've since done another 6) and my first three Ironman races. I'm super excited though. I've decided to race the full at Cedar Point for a couple of reasons:
  • It's a REV3 race and we know that it'll be top notch (and they won't run out of water on a 96 degree day)
  • My teammates will be there and many of them will be racing - and I'm sure the smart others who raced the half will make it a party, cheering all of the long distance course people.
  • Three words - BLOGGER MEET UP (I mean, hello so many of us will be there - Sunday night could get crazy!)
  • It's in Ohio. A 140.6 in Ohio!
  • I totally feel like I got robbed at IMLOU. That's all I need to say about it.
  • I honestly enjoy training for an Ironman in the summer. Yes, I bitch about it. I'm not going to lie because there are days when it sucks. But in general, I love knowing that my body can do what it does and training for an Ironman distance race tests your body to the fullest.
  • I have some goals. Some time goals. I want to see some results of my hard work!

And speaking of Team Trakkers, they introduced the pro team the other day.

Team Trakkers/REV3 2011 from REVOLUTION3 Triathlon on Vimeo.

A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! The full professional team includes:
Hillary Biscay: 2008 Ironman Wisconsin Champion; 15-time top-three Ironman finisher
Courtenay Brown: Danskin Tri & Silverman Half winner; Inside Tri columnist
Kathleen Calkins: 2010 REV3 Cedar Point 3rd place; Top Amateur Kona 2009
Richie Cunningham: 2x 70.3 Champion; 4x Top-Five 70.3 World Championships
Brian Fleischmann: 1st World Team Champs; 2x 2nd place USAT National Champs
Jacqui Gordon: Multiple Ironman and 70.3 Top-Ten finisher
Amanda Lovato: 2010 Pucón 70.3 Champion; Multiple Half Ironman Champion; Multiple Top-Five Ironman finisher
Michael Lovato: 2x Ironman Champion; 3x Top-Ten Kona; 3x National Champion
Chris McDonald: 3x Ironman Champion
Jessica Meyers: 2010 Augusta 70.3 Champ; US National Team; Armed Services Champion
Matt Sheeks: 2010 Duathlon Pro National Champion; 2009 Duathlon AG World Champion

I know that I've said it already and I'll say it again and again - it's still kind of unreal that I'm racing for a team like Trakkers. Our sponsors are amazing (REV3, Kestrel Bikes, Avia, Canari, TYR, All3Sports, First Endurance, SBRSports).

It's going to be a good year... a very good year!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Good thoughts

I'm heading out to the casino tomorrow and skiing on Thursday. Please send good thoughts my way... I could really benefit from hitting the jackpot and I don't want to break my face skiing.

The power of positive thinking right? :)

Sunday, January 23, 2011



I need a vacation (who doesn't right?). But I need one something fierce. This weather has me wanting to pull my hair out (or just sit on the couch with my heated throw, watching cupcake wars - what, that's not a productive Saturday?) I seriously am diagnosing myself with SIDS (this is where I edited this blog. Yes, I meant SAD. HAHAHA - don't have any sudden infant death - see the cold is getting to my brain!). Or a case of the crappy weather blues (aren't those really the same thing). We have two trips planned in the next three weeks - one is an overnight ski/casino trip. The other is out to NC for 2 days to see my grandparents (who God bless them, are convinced that they don't know my husband and have zero recollection of ever meeting him). Don't be jealous. And while I'm looking forward to these two getaways, it's just not this:
And there won't be many of these:
So, I'm on a mission. Tom and I don't do things very spontaneously (like heading to Meijer for a dinner that's not on the "weekly schedule" is super spontaneous for us most days). I have $750 in free Southwest funds. That's enough to get us to Orlando, Miami or Fort Lauderdale. From there, we can get on a cruise ship and sail for three nights to a tropical destination, eat an ungodly amount of food at endless buffets and unlimited soft serve ice cream machines, run laps around the top of the boat (totally beats running them in the gym!), sit by a pool or on a beach with trashy magazines (or Triathlete, Runner's World, and Shape because that's how we roll) and not think about anything except if I've turned over recently to balance out the sun burn tan that I'm bound to get.
Sounds perfect right?
I know.
Question - what cruise line would you choose? Carnival? Royal Caribbean? Norwegian?
They are all sailing when I want. They all go to either the Bahamas or Mexico (which doesn't really matter to me as I've been to both and quite frankly would probably stay on the ship when we docked). They all sail from Florida - how hard is it to get to Port Canaveral if I fly to Orlando or to the Port of Miami if I fly to Ft. Lauderdale? They are all pretty much the same price.
That's the only choice I have to make. Easier said than done and totally not spontaneous since I've been thinking about it nonstop for three days and have yet to book anything.
Of course, once I book something then I just have to hurry up and wait until we leave. And I have to stop eating. :)
Small price to pay to not have to suffer anymore through this weather. Anyone wanna come?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Stylish Blogger

Mary, at Tri Like Mary bestowed upon me the Stylish Blogger Award (you like that fancy wording don't you...)

First, thank you so much Mary (and please excuse the fact that it's taken me so freaking long to get to this. I'm a horrible blogger quite honestly...) But I feel the love. I love following her blog - she's such a sweetie! And 2011 is going to be a big year for her - lots of racing, a bike trip in Italy (which I'm so jealous of) and her first half Ironman. You go girl!

Alright, here are the rules of the award:
1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award (see above)
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Award 10 other bloggers. I told you, I'm a horrible blogger and I'm breaking this rule because so many people have gotten this.
4. Contact these bloggers and let them know about the award.

Alright so 7 things...

1.) I was born in Queens, NY. I moved to Columbus when I was 10 months old. I don't remember any of New York. And I've only been back twice for day trips to the city. I'm hoping to go back sometime soon with the hubby and explore where I am from. From the sounds of it, I should keep the trip short and not look at strangers in the eye. I'm kidding... it probably isn't that bad. Boy would my life have been different though if I didn't move.

2.) I'm turning 31 in two weeks. It's funny because everyone asked me if turning 30 scared me at all. In all honesty, I didn't give it a second though. For some reason, I've thought a ton about turning 31. It sounds so old and grown up. But I know me. And I'm not old and grown up. Ugh... maybe I'll start celebrating the 2nd anniversary of my 29th birthday. That has such a better ring to it than 31. At least now I'm not the baby of my age group.

3.) I love french onion soup, but really it's only for the cheese that comes on top. And I eat all of the soup and the little piece of bread and save the cheese for last so that I get to eat the glob of cheese all at once. Today I had two cups of it at lunch (which I offset with a salad... yeah, sodium overload I know).

4.) I'm obsessed with reality tv. There was some talk on facebook the other day about the Bachelor. It started growing into what other shows do you want. Sadly, every show that was listed, I watch. And it's all the trashy ones that are the best. I know my hubby doesn't get it (but secretly watches some of them with me), but I never miss an episode of Real Housewives (of NYC, Beverly Hills and the OC), Jersey Shore, Millionaire Matchmaker, the Bachelor/Bachelorette, and Kendra. I've also been known to catch Bridalplasty, Say Yes to the Dress, Toddlers and Tiaras, and America's Next Top Model. And I'm so excited that a new Bethenny Frankel show is starting as well as Million Dollar Listing. Honestly what did we ever do without DVR?

5.) I'm going on a trip next week to a local ski resort that just happens to be 7 miles from a casino (score!). I haven't skied in a long time and that's fine, but what really gets me excited is that I get to play video slots. You know, the nickle ones with the fun "extra" games that you can play if you match things up just right.

6.) I often think about the fact that I can really live anywhere, as long as there's a post office. So why do I live in Ohio? It's funny though... I don't know where I'd move if I got the courage to up and change locations. I like the four seasons of Ohio, just wish that the longest wasn't winter. I'm jealous of people biking in shorts and tanks these days. Any place in the US have like two weeks of snow, maybe around Christmas and then it magically turns into 70's a sunny until the summer when it tops out at 85 with no humidity and then goes back to 70's in the fall with leaves that are the most amazing colors? Yeah, I didn't think so. I've been looking for that place forever and if I find it, I'M SO THERE!

7.) I love to grocery shop. Most people absolutely hate the task, but I actually look forward to it each week. I generally make a list on Sunday, cut coupons and then on Monday, when every one's at work, I head to the local store. I get a cart, and a drink (and sometimes a free cookie that are suppose to be for the children under 12 - but I always ask and the bakery ladies always smile and say "sure) and I just go up and down every aisle. It's me time I guess and I just do my thing. My phone doesn't work in the store so I am literally cut off for the 30 minutes or so that it takes me to shop.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Two things...

Thing #1 -
I know that the going green phenomenon is huge right now. And you all know that I'm going green in my own way! I already love being part of Team Trakkers. It's been what, like a month since I was invited to be part of the team and I already feel like I've known some of these people forever. I can't wait to race with them all. My new Kestrel has been ordered (I went with the 4000 Pro and I know it's going to be a beaut). My new Avia Lite III's have been ordered. First Endurance was just announced as our nutrition sponsor. And I signed up for my REV3 races too. I'm excited to be racing at new venues - Knoxville, Portland and Cedar Point. And then I found this little beauty the other day. Can you say perfect pre-race shirt??? :) And no, it's not a St. Patty's Day shirt. It's a Go Team Trakkers shirt. I swear!

It's kind of surreal to be a sponsored athlete. I mean, I'm not out winning races. I've placed a few times here and there, but I'm not what I always visioned the "sponsored athlete" being. It's definitely an honor to have companies believing in our team, knowing that sure, some of the athletes are totally badass (who am I kidding, we're all badasses in our own way!), but there are a lot of us that are doing what we love (be it a little slower than others) and having the time of our lives. We're relateable athletes (yep, that's a word)... we have school and jobs and spouses and kids - just like most triathletes. We work hard to get better, but remember that racing is more than placing (although placing is super fun and we know that too). We all have traits that make us good candidates to represent an amazing organization and some outstanding companies.

Still doesn't mean that I don't pinch myself every now and then to make sure that this isn't all a dream.

Thing #2 -
Okay, so I've been contemplating changing the name of my blog. When I first started this blog it was called "Fighting for 15". It started as a weight loss blog and well, I never lost 15 pounds and quite frankly decided that life was too short to write a blog about my weight loss struggles. Anyone who read it (which was like my mom and my sister) probably thought that I was off my rocker, obsessing with my weight anyhow. Then I signed up for an Ironman. People always asked if I was offended that I was doing a race called an IronMAN and when I finished, if I would call myself an IronWOMAN. Nope. I'd be Ironman. And a damn proud one at that. I considered starting a women's Ironman training site or training community and calling it Irondivas. That's how it started. Yes, I'm an Ironman. But I'm as far as a diva as they come (unless you ask my hubby and yes, some days I do exhibit some diva traits, but really, what woman doesn't???). Honestly, I'm a jeans and tee shirt kind of girl. I never wear heels. Never. I don't wear makeup. And if I blow dry my hair and straightened it, it's probably because I have an important meeting. Otherwise, it's in a pony tail. All. The. Time. Expensive things... not unless I have a coupon or a gift card or it will make me faster. So why is this blog still called Irondiva?
Problem is, I can't think of anything cute, fun, witty. I always read blogs of people with these great titles. Me, yep, not so much. Any suggestions?

Thursday, January 13, 2011


I've been a bit overwhelmed lately. I think that would be the right word. And I'm really bad at handling being overwhelmed. When I have more than one project going on at a time or one emotionally draining situation, I tend to shut down. I get cranky. The hubs and I argue. I eat. I sleep. I guess I'm not good at the whole multitasking thing. But in my defense, it's just been a lot of adjustments, new responsibilities, etc. and I'm working on getting those ducks lined up.

As Tom and I were running our second set of 81+ laps at the gym this week (I have more gym observations... keep reading), we started talking about the whole "Word of 2011" idea. At the same time, we both said Balance.


That is our word. And it's not just balancing the eight million things that need done on any given day (although I'll get to that). It's balancing my emotions for things I can't control too, which is probably the bigger problem lately.

I think the hardest part is identifying what will help balance your life. For me, here's a glimpse:
  • Giving up kickboxing. Well not totally. I've quit the kickboxing studio. I've learned a lot in the three months that I was there. My gym has two bags and I'm hoping to put myself through a workout two or three times a week. The drive was 25 minutes each way for the kickboxing class and that's valuable time. Plus, doing that three days a week meant that I was swimming, biking and running twice each a week and I felt like it wasn't enough - and my workouts struggled when I did kickboxing in the morning and my tri workouts in the evening. I was down a road of burnout if I wasn't careful. It's hard still to workout 1.5-2+ hours 6-7 days a week. Yes, I want to be happy and yes, I want to be healthy. But I'm not a pro.
  • Give up some control over our fundraiser to my very capable committee. They are an amazing group of people and so many times I find myself saying "it's just easier if I do it myself" (do you do this too?). I don't know if it's because I trust myself way more than anyone else and the success of this fundraiser very much falls on my shoulders, or if I just like to create more work for myself. It's no wonder I have my committee is always so happy... I shield them from a lot of the mundane tasks! I'm kidding... they will do a great job filling my shoes in some areas!
  • Finding time to not only foster the business relationships that I already have, but also market to new people. This is super hard for me since Tom now has a full time job that doesn't have to do with our company. Our success depends on my daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly/annual effort. Admitting the problem is the first step right?
  • I've written a little about the emotional drain of some seriously toxic friendships that I lost this year. I can't lie and say that the day the sh*t hit the fan, I instantly moved on. I didn't. That wouldn't have been normal. I don't wish that things were different, but I wish I had answers or that I could have had some control in how things ended. Some days I wish that those people hurt the way I did. (I know... that's horrible to say) I know that if things hadn't happened when they did, they would have eventually crumbled apart. I had actually predicted that it would have happened in December of 2010. Kind of weird that I saw it coming and didn't get away. I hold on to that a lot. I need to balance the frustration that I still struggle with, with the great friendships that I do have.
  • I have another rocky relationship with two people who are very close to me. It's been rocky for years now and without going into too much detail, I can't just drop them from my life. They've made me see things that I don't like, traits that I would never want others to see in me or Tom. I want things to be different and unfortunately they never will be. I know that. It's not something I have the power to change. Again, I need to find peace in the fact that there are so many people in my life that aren't like these people. And that it's okay to be frustrated, but not every day.
This is just the start of a very important year. I think it's going to be a great one, but to balance it all is going to be the only way I come out on top!
And some non-deep-life-pondering stuff.

I lost 4.2 pounds last week. I didn't have a single cookie. I honestly believe that was the reason for my success. (maybe that and counting ww points, measuring my portions, and doing all of my workouts). This week... um... yeah. Well there's always next week. :)

I'm super excited that I'm finally starting to register for my 2011 races. There's something about actually getting the sign up confirmation that makes it real. Like there's no backing out now. Definitely a good motivator (especially when you put a countdown widget on your desktop homepage and you see it a million times a day). My frist tri is in 122 days? That's can't be right can it? Bigger motivator... being part of Team Trakkers and hearing about how my teammates are being rock stars and training hard for all of their races. You guys rock!

You want gym observations? It was a pretty quiet day yesterday. First to the girl on the treadmill with no tv (why anyone would choose this one is beyond me). You probably don't need to bring your portable fan that YOU attached to the treadmill if you didn't wear tights, shorts, and a long sleeve inside. You brought your own fan. And you wore sunglasses. Just an FYI, my husband thinks you're a diva. And to the guy kickboxing in the corner. We like the shadow boxing with the bag as it swings back and forth, but it sounds like you are going to break your foot when you kick it with no shoe on. Did you notice your super red and already swollen foot? We did. That's not normal dude.

Lastly, it's funny how the little things can make me so happy. I bought a new purse yesterday. Guys you might not understand the pleasure that can bring. But what about this...we also bought a 32" flat screen (which was totally a necessity because our main tv died). We now have HD on almost all of our channels. Welcome to 2011 Kingerys!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Define wuss

I'm a wuss. Some people might disagree.

I mean, I take risks (like quitting my high paying bank job two weeks before my wedding to start a company with my husband or swapping the oil in my brownies with applesauce without knowing if it will taste the same). The risks I do take, well they aren't huge risks - well okay, so that one about the bank was. But I'm not the dare devil type (that brownie one... ask my hubby - that was pretty dare devilish. Won't do that again...) But I don't like being out of control. My husband says that I'm the only person he knows who skis up hill (I do... it's pretty damn funny). Perfect example.

Anyway, I digress.

One thing I'm DEFINITELY a wuss about is the cold weather. I'll admit it. You will too when you read this. Case in point...

Yesterday I woke up and it was 12 degrees according to our thermometer. It was windy - zero degree windchill. And it was snowing. Tom had a twelve mile run on the schedule. I had an eight. I honestly couldn't bring myself to bundle up and run outside. Quite frankly, there aren't enough clothes that I could wear that would make that run enjoyable.

**Insert the definition of wuss here, right folks?**

Instead, I went to the gym (with the gazillion other people because not only was it the first of the year crowd, but it was "bring a friend for free" weekend too...). I had all intentions of running on the dreadmill, but there weren't any working with a tv available. So I did the unthinkable...

I ran 91 laps around the track. And yes, I kept track with the lap function of my watch.

That's 10.11 miles. Funny thing is that my macho hubby followed in my footsteps and actually ran 109! It really wasn't as horrible as it sounds.

Or as horrible as I think running outside would have been. So, long story short, I may be a wuss, but you run around a 1/9th mile track for ten miles and then tell me how badass you are...


Funny gym observations:
  • In the hour and a half that I was running around in circles, 5 people came and went on the step machine. Even if they got on one right after another (which they didn't) they would have averaged 18 minutes a piece on the machine). Not judging... just saying.
  • To that one girl that was using the leg stretching machine - you are inside. You don't need the sunglasses.
  • And to the other lady on the row machine with the personal trainer - the tights, long sleeve fleece and ski cap were probably a bit much. Unless you were trying to sweat a lot. In which case... well never mind.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Another Random's Update

Just 'cause I'm feeling super random today...

  • Thank you all for your encouraging words on my last post about being self coached. And I appreciate the suggestion to move my rest day to Monday. During my race training schedule, I'm the laziest person in the world on Mondays. For now unfortunately, I think I'm going to need the break after the two days of intervals. I'll probably adjust things as I go.
  • Speaking of training... I am meeting the hubby on our trainers in T-minus 40 minutes for our first bike interval workout of the year. I think he's going to take pleasure in my torture. I don't' know why. What doesn't kill me makes me stronger - right? Right?
  • Beth wrote a blog about optimal race weight the other day. It's from the Racing Weight Book that is sitting next to my bed I'm reading. According to the little formula that Mr. Fitzgerald lays out, to be at my optimal racing weight, I have to lose 18 pounds. Um... well... okay. Maybe I'll shoot for my "almost optimal racing weight". In any event, Beth and I are going to do this together - aren't we girl?
  • Speaking of weight... I gained some weight over the holiday. I usually get uber depressed about this. This time, I just sucked it up, put on my big girl panties (literally) and am taking care of things. It's amazing what eating well again can do for your mind and body (although, I'm missing my cookies. There... I admitted it) I feel good.
  • And speaking of food - we went to Panera today. YUM. I love their Asian Chicken Salad. It's sooooooo good. And I get to meet Meredith tomorrow for lunch at Noodles and Company. Remember... the crack mac and cheese dealer that I love. :) Yeah, don't think I'll be doing the mac and cheese, but you just never know.
  • I ordered my Kestrel today. Another inanimate object to fall in love with! :) I'm so excited... she's going to be a beaut!
  • Oh, I also ordered my new Avia's. I went back and forth with whether or not I should get the Bolts which are the racing flat or the Lite III which are the cushion. I decided to not be all crazy and stuff and got the Lite III's. I think it was a smart choice. For now.
  • Being on Trakkers is like Christmas. I like Christmas. Our sponsors are amazing!
  • REV3 and Team Type 1 have partnered up for this year. Super exciting for both parties if you ask me. Here's the article if you are interested. And yes, I have a vested interest in both parties, but whatever - it's still exciting. :)
  • So Team Type 1 is running across the country this year. Running people... 3000+ miles. There are 10 guys, all Type 1 diabetics. They will start in California and end in New York on World Diabetes Day. My hubby is managing the "race" per say (it's not an official race - he is forming the route and everything) and the guys. It's going to be awesome. These guys are amazing. I'm hoping to be there at the start, and at the end. Probably along the way a little too.
  • Did you watch the Bachelor the other night? Yeah, we didn't either (ha... yeah we did). I always make a prediction of who the desperate man or woman will pick. I have a good track record going on. I chose the girl that got the first impression rose. I was *this* close to picking the girl who slapped him when she got out of the car or the girl with the fangs. No. Not really. But he did keep them both didn't he?

What's random in your life now?

Monday, January 3, 2011

Ah, triathlon

I kind of forgot what being a triathlete was all about. Since the last race of my 2010 season, I've been anything but a triathlete. Heck, there were MANY days that you wouldn't have wanted to call me an athlete (okay, maybe you would have called me an athlete, but I felt like a poser). I sat last night with the hubby, the race schedule and my monthly calendar. I laid out my January workouts. It took time. A little negotiation (with myself really) and I think I have it all laid out.

And it's going to kick my hiney.

It's fairly straight forward though -
  • Monday - kickboxing and 100 intervals at the pool with a WU and CD
  • Tuesday - .5 mile run intervals with a WU and CD and .5 "rests" in between
  • Wednesday - kickboxing and bike intervals (courtesy of Coach Tom)
  • Thursday - Off
  • Friday - kickboxing and long swim (no less than 2000)
  • Saturday - 40k bike
  • Sunday - long run

Each week, the swim and run intervals increase, as does the long run. No bricks yet... just want to build my endurance and speed a little first. I'll check myself at the end of the month and plan from there.

I don't use a coach and to be quite honest, I'd love one but just don't have the money to spend on monthly coaching. I know that self coaching has its downfalls, mainly being the ability to know how hard to push yourself without someone telling you to hit a certain interval, but I'm confident I'll kick my own ass. I know when I'm pushing myself and I'm keeping track of everything so I can constantly test where I'm at and adjust.

For instance, I did 10x100's at the pool today and nearly died. Okay, I'm lying, but I looked back at the same workout last March and I was about :05 slower on average today.

With a plan in place, I feel like a triathlete again. That and the countdown on my desk that says 132 days until my first race. Oye ve!