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Friday, September 13, 2013

I forgot I was a blogger...

I've been so forgetful lately.  Mommy brain?  Yep... classic case.

Like for instance yesterday when I spent maybe 10 minutes on the phone with Best Buy customer support, trying to change the bank account that is associated with Tom's cell phone protection plan.  I was getting so aggravated as they couldn't link his cell phone with the protection plan.  Then it dawned on me that the protection plan is through Target.   I forgot.

Or how about us leaving the keys to our car, in the ignition, with the car off, while we ran into the grocery.  I mean, everyone does that right?  That same day, when we figured out what we had done, we realized we forgot a bag of groceries inside.

I could go on and on, but you get my drift.

I have started a blog post probably 6 times since July 16th which was the last time that I posted here.  Inevitably, I get about half way done with a thought and the peanut needs me.  By the time that I get back to it, I reread the blog, realize it's pointless and scrap it.  Maybe I just don't have much to say - I don't want to be that lady that just blogs about her kids.  I feel like blogging has been kind of quiet.  Did Google Reader disappearing really hurt things? :)  I know for me, it's just a time thing.  I always find that over the summer.  I'm reading blogs, but not nearly as often.  Many times I sit and read your blog on my phone (yes, you... I'm talking to you) while I'm feeding Abby.  I find that I have a good comment to leave and then my phone is jacked up.  I forget to come back to it when I'm done feeding.

Such is life. 

So if I haven't commented on your blog, don't think it's because I'm not interested or not reading.  I totally am.  And I love hearing about every one's lives - they make mine seem so boring right now. :)  I'll take boring I guess.

We do have exciting news.  We recently added to our family.  With Abby around, time is precious and well, the hills around here are relentless with the jogging stroller (not to mention the heat... or the humidity.  I can't tell you how many times the quote "it feels like a sauna in here" is used).  We were telling Tom's mom this over a visit a few weeks ago and she asked if she could buy is a family present for Tom's birthday and Christmas.  We like family presents... especially since we usually can't come up with anything useful.  This one thought... BEST GIFT EVER FOR NEW PARENTS!!!


Our gym is now complete!  We can run when we want and that my friends, is AWESOME.  This treadmill is pretty badass too.  It has all the bells and whistles and then some - like the 3% decline, the touch screen tablet, runners cushioning in the belt, etc.  And, the kicker for us was the iFit.  So we can log into google maps, map out a route, send it to our treadmill and then run the route using google street view.  Wanna run in Spain? Ole!  Training for a specific race? Map that bad boy out.  Wanna kill yourself with hill repeats in our neighborhood (why anyone would willingly do this, I don't know), just dial them in.  The best part is that the treadmill automatically adjusts the incline and decline to match the elevation of the run. 

Yeah.  Sweet.

So I have no excuse not to get back into running.  I've been chugging along outside as much as possible.  It's hard... I'm not going to lie.  I'm back to 10:15's or so.  Some days maybe sub 10:00's but not often.  I've up to about 7.5 miles at a time.  I feel like the half in Columbus is doable.  Not PRable, but doable.  That makes me happy.    But no Savannah full for me this November.  Just too much on my plate right now with Abs, work, traveling, etc. I'm cool with that.

Heck, I probably would have forgotten about it anyways. :)