Race Schedule and Results

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Race schedule

It's fun to be back to planning some races (although very frightening that I'm going to sign up for races and then find that training is either a) way harder with crazy pants or b) way harder than I'm physically ready for.  But I'm rolling with it.

I'm excited for our half marathon on the 31st of this month.  Now, with that being said, the longest I've run is 8 miles (on a treadmill) and I'm dead to the world the rest of the day, but it'll be fun (and of course by fun, I mean painful and horribly hard).  Our friends Robin and Scott are coming in from South Carolina for it though so it'll be fun to have a little group running it.

Oooh... and then we found a half marathon in April in Savannah that has two AMAZING features.  I had a discount that made it $20 a person.  And they allow strollers.  That's like my dream race.  So we are going to do that, push Abs, and enjoy Savannah.  Savannah was where we drunkenly decided that we wanted a family so it's fitting that Abby sees the city. :)

I'm very excited about Gulf Coast.  It'll be great to get back into the tri scene again (okay, who am I kidding?  It's all about the beach for that race). I've been biking more and more and can finally get through an hour trainer ride without my hooha being on fire (sorry if that offends anyone, but it's true).  I really want to get to the pool.  I need to get to the pool.  I will get to the pool.  Eventually.  Tom starts 30 minutes after me and will be hot on my trail trying to catch me (which won't be that hard but I like pretending that he's going to have to work super hard to catch me!)

But then after those two races, I've got nothing.  We were going to go to Ohio and race there in September but it's just too much.  After our Christmas adventure, it's going to be a long time before I drive to Ohio. Like really long time.  And I won't fly there, with child in tow and two bikes.    So then I thought about doing Augusta.  I would be all-in-no-questions-asked because of the swim (hello current), but the $350 price tag with all the fees and whatnot is stopping me.  Tom is looking at a 40 mile trail race for his 40th birthday in North Carolina and if he does that, I will most likely relay the 40 miler with his mom and run about 21 of it with him.  That would be enough.  I don't know.  What are y'all doing for the fall?  Anything I should jump on?