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Thursday, December 27, 2012

A little momma K update

I'm trying not to let this blog become a "baby blog" because really, who wants that?  But, I also haven't blogged since the 17th and well, I have major baby brain.  It seems most every thought revolves around our little one these days.  So I will give an update on that.

First, I had an AMAZING Christmas.  What about you?  My mom and dad came in and bless them, after a 13+ hour drive which should have taken them 9.5, stayed through this morning.  They were supposed to leave yesterday morning but with Snowmageddon in Ohio happening, they stayed another day which was perfectly fine with me!  We did a whole lot of nothing while they were here (I'm sure they were super bored), but I was just so happy to have them around. They totally spoiled us rotten on Christmas with gifts and love the entire time they were here.  I miss them so much and am excited to know that I'm heading to Ohio in a month so I don't have to wait that long to see them!! 

Saturday morning, we went to go see Matt preach which was so great.  The people of his church are by far the nicest people ever and if you ever see someone in their professional setting and sit there saying to yourself "wow, this person is doing EXACTLY what they should be doing", then that was me on Saturday.  He's incredible.  His message was phenomenal (not to mention it included many pictures of Baby C which I always love seeing), but he was funny, and well... just Matt.  It was really a great experience and Tom and I can't wait to go back!  (On a totally side note, check out his blog here for a chance to enter and win a medal hanger from runningmedalhangers.com.   You only have through tomorrow night but I saw one when I was at his house last week and it's really cool!)

Okay, now on to some baby news.  Saturday afternoon, we took my mom and dad to see an ultrasound of Baby K since they had never seen an ultrasound before.  I'm so glad that we did that.  Plus, we got to find out Baby K's gender, (but I'll get to that in a minute).  Here's one of the pictures from Saturday.
As you can see, the little stinker had it's legs crossed for the ultrasound and the umbilical chord was between the legs.  I was convinced that I wouldn't find out it it was a he or she, but alas, Baby K cooperated and we were able to see what we needed to see!  I'm going to hold off letting everyone know what it is until we have it confirmed in three weeks at the doctor. :)  I'm no fun like that.  Feel free to guess.

We immediately went shopping (because, you know, that's what you do with grandma and grandpa when they are in town).  We were able to get the crib ordered and the bedding which should be coming in the next week or so.  We have decided to make a different room the nursery and are going to do a little swap-a-roo this weekend to get started.  And Tom and I spent like 2 hours in Babies R Us today just looking around at everything, trying to decide what we want to register in a few weeks.  Where do I even start???

I went to the doctor yesterday for some blood work and he seemed really happy with things.  I'm 17 and a half weeks.  At this point, the doctor told me that I had gained 3.5 pounds and he was super happy with that.  Me too.  I think it's actually a little higher as that was based on my 8.5 week appointment, but I still think that I'm around 5 pounds.  I feel like I've gained 50.  And I look like it too. :)  I'm definitely struggling with my regular clothes.  And by struggling I mean, if they have a button and zipper, it ain't happening.  Hahaha.  No, I won't post a picture of me with a "little" bump on here.  Again, I'm such a downer aren't I? :)  I just think it's weird... personal preference I guess.  Maybe when I'm big and feel more pregnant and not like a walrus then I'll humor y'all.  Let's just say, it's definitely obvious that I'm pregnant.

I am still working out about 6 days a week and that will be my saving grace as long as I can.  I am really happy with how December is going.  I ran a little more than 4.5 miles today at a sub-10 minute pace on a fairly hilly course so that makes me happy.  I have been able to maintain that sub-10 pace throughout so far and although that doesn't seem like anything really great, I was only running 9:20-9:30's prior to getting knocked up (it's damn hilly here people... I'm not kidding).  I haven't really run more than about 4-6 miles at a time (except for the 10k a week and a half ago), but that's a good distance for me at this point.  I've also started biking on the trainer more.  I took my magnet off the back wheel so I'm not obsessed with my pace, but I'm making sure that I'm working as I read my magazines and watch Teen Mom the whole time.  I'm finding that my bike shorts are less than flattering (because you know, spandex always makes everyone look great anyway) and might have to raid the hubbies stash soon enough. :)  And then there's the good ole' hour and fifteen minute walks that I take on the other days with Charlie.  They seriously about kill me more than the biking and running!  My goal in January is to do something, swim, bike, run or walk every day.  All 31 days.  Through my 22nd week.  And then we'll see how I want to handle February. I'm aiming for activity through the day I deliver.  No reason to think that won't happen.

So that's kind of where I'm at with things. All is good.  Mentally and physically I'm feeling great.  That's all I can ask for at this point!  I hope you all had a fabulous holiday and I'm making a vow that after the holidays pass, I'm going to get back to blogging more.  I have some reviews and give-aways coming up which is fun.  And so exciting sponsorship news. YAY!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas 10k race report

I love finding small town races that I've never done before.  Even better is suckering inviting a friend to join you who jumps at the chance (Karen is pretty awesome like that). So when Tom left to go out of town, I figured, "why not find a small race, and get my Saturday workout done".  The Peachtree Corner Christmas 5k and 10k was right up my alley - close to home, "rolling", 9am start, costume contest, and prizes.  Sounds pretty amazing.  Karen was in - yay!

I haven't been running nearly what I wish I could, but the hills around here wind me pretty easily, especially now that I am with child.  But I'm trying.  And I get points for that, right?  I have learned to just keep my watch off and go with how I feel which is exactly what my plan was for Saturday.  Except I wanted to have a 10k time to just see where I'm at.  You know, baseline, pregnancy PR, whatever.

I arrived early on Saturday and snagged one of the 14 spots right in front of the church where registration was.  Karen and I were meeting there, but I went in and registered since there wasn't a line.  And used the potties (bravo race director for making the men's bathroom a women's bathroom the morning of the race).  People were mulling around in Christmas socks, green and red tutu's, Santa costumes, Poodle outfits (yeah, I didn't get that either, but that's alright) and I felt a little bah-humbug because I was in the only thing that fits these days... a pair of capri's and a new running shirt that's purple.  Oh well.  Karen arrived, got her stuff and we started talking about how we definitely missed our opportunity to run in costume.  Next year Karen, next year.

Around 9, we lined up in a parking lot with a big blow up race arch within view.  I guess we were at the right place (I come to find out that this race is really laid back and I'm totally cool with that.  Some people aren't.  They are a little uptight, especially at a race that encourages running in costume).  Around 9:15 they counted us down and we were off.  I told Karen to run without me because, again, I'm with child and MUCH slower than usual.  Especially on a rolling course.

Okay, so I would love someone to define "rolling" for me in the South.  In Ohio, rolling was rolling.  You kind of went up.  You kind of went down.  No need to really change gear or pace.  Georgia "rolling" is a tad different.  This course was Ohio hilly.  Like climbing climbing climbing where the heck is the down part of this hill kind of hilly.  As in you can't find a course like this in Columbus hilly.  Alas, I'm learning that the north and the south have different definitions of things.  That's cool.  I'm getting used to that.

I started off comfortable.  All of the 5k and 10k started together and it was a tad crowded, but thinned out.  Karen got ahead and I let her go.  I hit the first mile, looked at my watch at doh, I had forgotten to start it.  Lovely.  I probably didn't want to know anyway, as I was working.  I didn't wear headphones in hopes to really listen to my breathing and make sure I wasn't working too hard.  I felt good, but I'm not going to lie, it was hard.  I didn't pass a ton of people, but a ton of people didn't pass me either so that was good.  I just stayed steady.  Both laps were very similar in terms of effort.  I was happy.  I came to the finish line and the race clock was not on.  Awesome.  So I had hoped to know how I finished, but would have to wait until results were posted.  I figured it was about 1:02 which I was thrilled with.

We sat around the gym for a while to see if we won something at the raffle, but we didn't.  We watched them award stuff to the costume contest (the poodles won something...) and then they posted results, but disclaimed it by saying that the official results would be different because there was a timing issue but we could at least see our places in our age groups.  Karen and I both ended up 5th in our AG according the unofficial results.  YAY!
I saw that the "official" results were posted.  I ended up finishing the 10k in 1:00:56 for a 9:50/mile pace.  I was 5th out of 17th in my age group.  At nearly 16 weeks pregnant, I'll take that!

It's humbling to run while pregnant.  I know that it's good for me and my baby.  The benefits are endless.  But it's difficult... mentally and physically.  There were many times on that course where I was breathing hard and had to slow down.  I work a lot harder to run a 9:50 pace than I did to run a 8:50 pace before. There were many times that there weren't many people in front of me.  My boobs get in the way of my arm swing (sorry, but it's a fact people).  I have to pee the whole time.  I feel like I'm running for the first time in my life after being on the couch for years, when in fact, I have been doing this for 10 years.  But you know what... I wouldn't change it for the world!

My cousin told me that every time I run to remind myself that my baby's brain is getting bigger.  You'd' be amazed how powerful that can be during a workout.

Thursday, December 13, 2012


Changes seem to be the theme of my life these days.   As you probably noticed, I've made some layout changes with my blog.  From that, all of my REV3 stuff is gone.  Here's why...

When I joined Team Rev3 back in 2011 (it was Trakkers then), I couldn't have been more excited.  I was on a national tri team and I did it while not having to be the most amazing athlete in the world (I always envisioned that this is how you got on a team).   I was excited to see what a "team" was all about.  And it was awesome.  Yes, we got free race entries and great goodies from our sponsors, but it was so much more than that. 

I met some of my best friends in the entire world from this team.  Literally these are people that I would probably never have met in life and now I talk to them daily, I hang out with them, I plan trips with them.  They know every detail of my life.  I can laugh with them, cry with them, joke with them and I know that no matter what, they will always be part of my life.  My husband has gotten to know them.  And their spouses.  They have become like family.

And there are some teammates that I never even met in person but they too have become friends.  They support me in athletics, they support me in life.  Our paths may never cross in real life, but they are part of my life.

And of everything that I've gotten from the amazing people at REV (which is a lot), the friendships and support mean the absolute most.

Going forward in 2013, I don't know what life will hold.  I won't be racing until after the baby is born.  Most likely, it's going to be a balancing act that will take some practice.  I have a few running races that I'm eying in the fall, but I'll have to see about tri's.  I can run (hopefully) through June when I deliver, but I'm a bit leery of doing tri's.  I'm using this time to kind of regroup.  And when I thought about my sponsorship with REV, I just didn't feel like it was fair.  By me being on the team and not being able to race or support the sponsors, I was taking away from someone else out there in tri-land that would be an amazing spokesperson.  So with I made the decision to leave the team.  Not because they did anything wrong.

Just because my life is changing. Simple as that. 

I have a few potential partnerships in the works which I'm excited about.  I'm hoping that they work out for the 2013 season and if they don't, I'll be alright.  And maybe when 2014 rolls around, I'll be ready to seek out a team and sponsorship again.  We'll see.  I'm taking one change at a time.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Some ramblings

First off, ya'll are awesome.  Thank you so much for all the kind words about our news of the baby.  We're excited and to have all of you tell us how great of parents we'll be made me smile.  You know just the right things to say to make me happy. :)

Tom just told me that Kate Middleton is pregnant and that should help take some of the attention off me. Hahaha - I love him.

One more baby related thing and then I'll move on.  As most of you know, Baby K is the reason that I didn't do Ironman Florida.  So many people asked me why I wasn't racing and although I really was struggling with burnout (something fierce I may add), getting pregnant just put the nail in the coffin that it wasn't meant to be this year.  I'm a smart girl and knew that there was no chance that I would put my body through 12+ hours of exercise for the day.  It never ever crossed my mind to be quite honest.  And the pregnancy was probably a blessing in disguise when it comes to my feelings on Ironman this year.  I'm really at the "been there, done that" phase.  I'm not out to impress anyone.  I enjoy racing, but I would rather just be active.    I love setting goals for myself and the baby isn't going to stop that.  But I'm going to follow through with all that I said about following my heart from here on out with racing and training.  Someday I might feel like racing long again.  And maybe not.  I'm cool either way.

Okay, so I'm loving Georgia weather right now.  Today we went for a 4.5 mile walk with the dog and it was nearly 75 degrees when we were walking.  How awesome is that? Yesterday we realized the joy of living on a half acre of wooded land... leaves galore.  It was a day long project, but it was so amazing to not be bundled up and freezing.  Tom had shorts and a teeshirt on.  In December.  YES!

Tom's leaving on Sunday for Spain.  He'll be gone 7 days.  He's never been to Europe and I'm excited for him to see some it it, although I am wishing that I was going.  But alas, I'll keep myself entertained for the 7 days.  That's a lot of time to get my Christmas shopping done and my presents wrapped. Teeheehee. I'm about 80% done.  Now Christmas cards... that's another story.  We haven't even taken the picture for them yet.  Maybe they will be New Year's cards. :)

And just a reminder... if you are in the Atlanta area this weekend, come support Kacie and Dani and their fundraising efforts for Race Across America at All3Sports.  Friday night, Craig Alexander will be there for a book signing.  They are doing a raffle and silent auction which will start Friday and continue to another event on Saturday morning.  They have some pretty awesome stuff in the auction.  Check out their blog, Power, Pedals and Ponytails for more information.All the proceeds benefit Camp Twin Lakes.  I'm sponsoring Kacie for a day during RAAM and doing some fundraising on her behalf.  Stay tuned for information about this!  I could use your help! :)

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Irondiva Momma

So most of you probably saw the Twitter and Facebook posts and if you know Tom and I all that well, have recovered from your jaws hitting the floor.  
Yep, we're having a baby!  After 7 years of going back and forth with whether or not we wanted to be parents (there was a time when we were pretty adamant that we didn't want to be parents), around July, we decided that things were right for us.  We are in our dream house, live in the 3rd best town to raise a child, have our careers (for the most part) figured out.  We've raced, and traveled and figured out the whole marriage thing and were finally ready to add a little creature into our lives.

As some of you might remember August sucked for us.  Big time.  My grandfather passed away.  My sister's (and kind of my) first dog passed away.  And two days after my grandfather's memorial service, I found out that I was miscarrying.  I didn't talk about it much at all, which is weird.  Women tend to do that.  But I come to find out that miscarrying is SUPER common... like way more common that you think.  I was only about 5 weeks along and the doctor said that I should have no problems getting pregnant again. 

Lo and behold, 4 weeks later I was staring at a positive pregnancy test.  Happy birthday Tom... we're going to be parents. :)

I decided to wait until my first trimester was over to announce it, in fear of miscarrying again.  That's the part that people couldn't explain to me... the constant fear that something is going to go wrong.  Every time I felt a twinge, my heart sank (and you feel a ton of them those first 13 weeks).  I was fearful I wasn't eating the right things.  Or drinking enough water.  Was the one diet coke doing damage?  How about running, biking and swimming?  I was in a world of the unknown.

At 8.5 weeks, we got to have our first ultrasound.  I sobbed.  I had a real live sour patch kid living inside of me.  And it's heart was beating 172 bpm (Tom and I joked that it was in zone 5 all the time).  This was really happening. 

We told my mom and dad (who are besides themselves to be grandparents).  We told my sister and John (who are going to be the world's most amazing aunt and uncle).  We told Tom's mom and dad.  We told my extended family.  And then a select few others.  But I did pretty good of keeping this to myself (that's hard for me.  I'm a babbler.)

Finally, yesterday, we had another ultrasound.  We were given the option for some early screening for birth defects and although we don't care of the results (we'll love this child no matter what), we knew that it involved another ultrasound and a chance for us to see Baby K again. 
Holy crap is that amazing.  As we sat there with this image of a little still baby... with two arms and two legs, a minute pasted and our minds were blown.  Baby K started moving like crazy.  Somersaults, pushups, waving.  The ultrasound tech just giggled as Tom and I gasped with excitement.

Because if it didn't feel real then, it sure did now!  We came home with the goofiest grins on our faces. From the outside no one would know that I'm pregnant.  But if you could see my heart, you'd know that I love this baby more than anything already!!!

We held off telling people until we knew we were in our second trimester.  We held off finishing our Christmas decorations, until we knew things were going well. 
And they are.  YAY!

Okay, so some of the things that people have been asking or you might be wondering...
  • I'm due June 4th.  I should hopefully escape the heat of the Georgia summer while I'm the size of a whale.
  • Yes, we want to know the sex of the baby.  And yes, we will tell people that.  We won't tell people what we are naming the baby though.  That will be our little secret.
  • I'm still running.  Kind of.  I will say that was the hardest part of my first trimester.  I ran a half marathon with Matt when I was about 6.5 weeks.  He knew at the time and we kept it really slow the whole time, finishing at 2:05.  At 8.5 weeks I ran 7 miles of the Atlanta marathon relay.  Other than that, I've maxed out around 5 miles. I don't wear a heart rate monitor when I'm running and truly go by feel.  If I can talk, I'm doing okay.  It's slow and fairly ugly. There are many days when it feels like a 300 pound man is sitting on my chest while I run. I'm hoping that the second trimester gets better.
  • Instead of running, I've been doing a lot of walking.  Charlie loves it.  I'm bringing biking back.  And swimming.  Soon.
  • First trimester fatigue is no joke.  I literally slept 12 hours a night and could nap at any time.  I never understood this until I was pregnant.  I mean, really, how bad could it be, right?  Holy hell, it's bad.  If I make it past 9pm, it's a good night and thankfully I work from home so I get up when I want.  Poor Tom only gets about 12 hours a day with me now. :)
  • I didn't get sick.  I had about 2 weeks where dinner was less than appealing, but I never puked.  I know that I'm super lucky.  As someone who recently miscarried though, this was kind of a curse, as I feared something was wrong because I wasn't sick.
  • Chicken is not appealing.  Meat in general isn't.  Veggies don't sit well with me.  I'm not doing very good with the healthy stuff.  But I'm trying.  
  • I've gained maybe 2 pounds and I will swear up and down I know exactly where those two pounds have gone.  I've already had to buy new bras.  Enough said.
  • Pregnant people are coming out of the woodwork when they hear that we are expecting.  I love it.  I think we have 10 couples now that are due between April and July, and then one due this week (yay Smith's!!!) and one due around Christmas.  Seems all but one couple is in the same boat as us... married a while and just waiting for the right time, between racing, traveling, etc. and now having their first.  It'll be fun to get all the kiddos together in the future!
  • I'm deathly afraid that my child will hate me.  That's totally normal though, right? :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My Thankful 20

A lot of people have been putting their "30 days of Thanks" on Facebook.  I like it.  I'm just not on FB every day to do it (okay, maybe I am, but I didn't jump on the bandwagon).  So I've decided in honor of November 20th and one of my favorite holidays, I would do a 20 Things I'm Thankful For post.  Here ya go.

  1. I'm thankful for my amazing husband.  As a girl I dreamed of marrying a man only half as good as he was.  In my eyes, that would be the perfect man.  He has and always will amaze me with the amount of love that he has to offer, his drive, his optimisticness (totally a word), his compassion, his belief in me and just the man he is.  I love him.
  2. I'm thankful for my parents.  I wasn't always easy for them (ahem... sorry about the years between ages 13 and 20).  But... they never lost hope in the woman that I would become.  They never turned their backs on me.  They never stopped pushing me, stopped encouraging me, or stopped loving me.  And they let me make mistakes, many of which would shape my life for the better.  But most of all, they have given me so many things that I will never be able to repay them for.
  3. I'm thankful for my sister.  Not many people are super close with their sisters.  Not many people can call their sister a friend.  We've had our ups and downs.  I'm incredibly proud of her and the woman she is, and I can't imagine my life without her.
  4. I'm thankful for my brother-in-law, John.  He makes my sister happy.  That's all I want for her.  Plus he's a goofball and every family needs that! :)
  5. I'm thankful for my Charlie girl.  Yes, she's a dog.  But, she's an amazing dog.  Always happy, always full of life.  Doesn't ask anything of us except for unconditional love and maybe a daily walk and some treats.  She brightens every day.
  6. I'm thankful for the time I had with Buddy.  He changed my life in so many ways.  And he helped make our family complete.  My heart is filled with memories that include him and that's a cool thing.
  7. I'm very thankful for my extended family.  I have an incredible group of aunts, uncles, cousins, second cousins and a very special grandma.
  8. I'm thankful for friends that have become family to me.  There are a handful of friends that I truly count as family.  I've learned that you can't always choose your blood family and that just because they are blood related, doesn't mean that they will support you, be proud of you or even love you.  But there are those special people who started out as friends and have made a place in my heart that many family members don't even hold!
  9. I'm thankful for my friends - in real life and my creepy Internet friends. :)  You have all been such a support system to me through thick and thin.  You make me a better me.  You inspire me, you make me laugh, you love me and you support me.  That's a really amazing feeling.
  10. I'm thankful for the house that I live in which keeps me warm and keeps my family safe.  It's my dream home.
  11. I'm thankful for a business that my husband and I grew from the ground up.  It's taught me a lot, challenged me even more, but given me the flexibility to do what I love... from home... in my pj's.
  12. I'm thankful for my husband's job.  It's something that he loves to do and I know that he feels fulfilled when he lays his head down at the end of the day.  Plus, it introduced us to the South.  And I love the south now. :)
  13. I'm thankful for my health.  In a world where I feel like your life is too short, I've been very blessed with good health.
  14. I'm thankful for Tom's diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes.  Does this seem weird to you?  I've written about how it has changed his life for the better and I think that it made our marriage so much stronger.  I've said it before and I'll say it again... Diabetes doesn't stop him, diabetes fuels him.
  15. I'm thankful for the opportunity to have been part of REV3.  Although my path is changing is 2013 a little, they are an amazing organization, with top notch races and I have met some of my best friends from being part of the team.  
  16. I'm thankful for the ability to swim, bike, run, hike, walk, and play each and every day.  I might not always feel like it's fun, but the fact that I CAN do these things, is a blessing.
  17. I'm thankful that I live in a world where I have freedoms - as an individual, as a woman, etc.  And I thank the people who fight for MY freedom every day.
  18. I'm thankful for life's little indulgences - be it a warm bath, a diet coke, Reece cups, Cheetos, sunshine, flip flops, sandy beaches, or whatever it might be for that day.  It's the little things that make me happy.
  19. I'm thankful for the future - it's an exciting time in our lives and I'm thankful that I have so much to look forward to.
  20. I'm thankful that I'm living my life to the fullest.  I'm thankful that I love my life.  I'm thankful that I'm happy.
What are you thankful for this year???

Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday thoughts

  • First and foremost, I want to thank all of you for your kind words about Buddy.  It's been nearly a week and a half and it is getting easier, although I still have cried at least once a day because of something that reminds me of him.  
  • Tom and I keep saying that we are getting used to our "new normal".  Long walks with Charlie, eating a calm meal, less barking when a truck/squirrel/leaf goes by our house.  It's not better, it's not worse, it's just the new normal.
  • I got to cheer on some friends racing last weekend... always fun!  And let me tell you - I have some amazingly kick ass friends.  Holy smokes are they fast.  And powerful.  And mentally strong.  Each one of them did amazing and it was such a pleasure to stand at the 5,8,18 and 21 mile mark of the run yelling and screaming for them!  You girls all did amazing - congrats!
  •  So now we're getting ready to head to Tempe for IMAZ.  Tom and 6 of his teammates are racing.  I'm excited because I've never been to Tempe, and it'll be great knowing people out there on the course throughout the day.  Plus I get to meet Jason and Emz which pretty much makes my weekend complete!
  • Can you believe the holidays are coming so fast.  I need to buy my turkey next week (because, as you know, the Kingery's do it right with like a 13 pounds turkey for the two (well three including Charlie) of us. :)  And I'm already so excited to decorate the house for Christmas.  We're pretty much starting from scratch this year with the new house which is fun and overwhelming.
  • Speaking of Christmas decorations, for those of you that do a tree - real or "permanent"?  We have always had an artificial tree and left it when we moved, thinking we'd get one down here.  They are no hassle, I can keep it up as long as I want, etc.  But dang... they have gotten REALLY expensive (or maybe my taste has improved).  We are considering a real one, but oh the hassle.

Finally, I wanted to leave you with a review of a product that I'm loving.  I try not to tout products that I'm not in love with, but I'll give anything a fair shot.  A few weeks ago, I was given the opportunity to try out a pair of Saucony Triumph 10's. I've never run in Saucony shoes before, but I know a ton of friends that have and swear by them.  I'm always on the lookout for a neutral cushioned trainer so I jumped at the chance to try these shoes out before they launched.  I had all intentions of getting a review up before their launch date (November, 1st), but with shoes, I want to really get a feel for them... put some good miles in them and see how I like them.

My package came in the mail about 3 weeks ago and they looked amazing from the start (I'm a sucker for shoes that look good...)  I put them on and they were really comfortable right out of the box.  Usually I don't need to "break in a shoe" and these were no different.  I wore them the night I got them on a 5 mile run and they were amazingly comfortable.  Lots of cushion, not a lot of weight. No blisters.  No rubbing.

Since then I've run probably 20 miles a week in them.  I've taken long walks in them.  I've worn them on the beach, in my house, on the trails, to the store.  I love them.

The description on their website is perfect - "Form and function strike a perfect balance in the new Triumph 10. Breathable open mesh and supportive underlays provide a clean, modern look while securing the foot to the platform. The redesigned crashpad features three fully-decoupled, independently responsive pods for a smooth landing and efficient transition. Deeper flex grooves in the forefoot add flexibility and PowerGrid™ midsole technology provides a plush ride for the runner seeking a cushioned feel. Weight: 9.2oz."

AKA... little pillows for my feet.
I'm sold.  

The only thing that I am changing about them (and I do this with all of my shoes) is I'm adding quick laces.  This isn't anything against Saucony or the Triumph itself.  It's just a personal preference as a triathlete to be able to just slip on my shoes. 

Thank you Saucony and FitFluential for the chance to review these for you.  I was given these shoes at no cost to me and the opinions stated here on my blog are solely my own.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Goodbye is never easy

Many of you know about our dog Buddy's struggle with kidney failure in the last few months.  At the beginning of July, our vet told us that he was far along in the process and that we only had 3-4 months with him and when he started to get bad, it would be fast.  We cherished our days with him, questioning if he was our miracle dog who would live months and months with the disease.  He lived for us, for love, for food, for walks.

But maybe 10 days ago, that changed.  He stopped eating more than a bite of food here and there.  Although he wagged and wagged  at the site of his leash and we obliged his wishes, our walks were slow, and short.  But they brought him happiness.

By this past weekend, he stopped eating and drinking altogether.  Our big fat monster was nothing but skin and bones.  He still lived for us, and for our love, but we could tell that was the extent of what he wanted in life.

All we kept questioning was how would we ever say goodbye.  Buddy was our monkey.  He had 7 homes in his first year of life before finding Tom.  His start with Tom was rough, but within a few weeks, his world revolved around Tom, and for those of you that know Tom, his world revolved around Buddy.  I was the first person Buddy met that he trusted from the start.  We were his world and he was ours.

Each night we'd say a silent prayer that he would say goodbye on his terms so that the decision wouldn't be ours.  But he fought.  With no food and no water in his system, he refused to give up.  That's our boy.

We stopped by the vet on Monday and she told us that we should probably not let him suffer - and it was obvious he was - not eating, kidney toxins running through his body.  We had talked about him not eating and drinking and she encouraged us to have one last day with him and bring him in on Tuesday.  We braced ourselves... again, how could we chose to end his life?

Buddy helped us make that decision on Monday night.  The poor guy had a horrible night, throwing up every 20-30 minutes - he had nothing in his system so where was this coming from?  He looked at us all night with eyes asking us to help him.  We knew the time was right.

So yesterday morning we did the hardest thing we've ever done... we helped him get to the place he needed to go.   It was hard... the hardest thing I've ever done.  But we knew that it was the right thing.

I know that he's watching over us and always will. I know that he's running around with the likes of Cider, Bailey, Sammy and all of the other amazing dogs that have gone before him.  And I know that we'll meet again.  He's not struggling.  He gave it his best fight and we love him for that.  He touched our lives in so many ways and taught us so many lessons - be it about patience, love, forgiveness, and pure happiness with the simplest things in life.

And while our house may be a little emptier, our hearts are so incredibly filled with love and memories that blessed us with for 11+ years.  Rest in peace doodie pants...


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

REV3 Anderson

I love meeting someone online and totally clicking in person.  It happened with my hubby.  It's happened with just about all of my friends from the blogging world (I honestly can't say that I've met anyone that I didn't like.  Okay.  Maybe one or two. hehe)  This weekend I got to meet a whole slew of wonderful people.  And hang out with my team.  And race as part a relay.  Sounds like a trifecta perfect weekend, right?

Friday afternoon, Alisa flew in from Portland.  I was so stinking excited to meet her as we've been blogging/email/team friends for a few years now.  From what I knew of her, I'd love her.  And I was right!  She is awesome.  Anyway, she flew in Friday and we spent the whole day/night gabbing.  We hit up  my favorite Mexican joint for dinner and then crashed hard around 9:30 at night. 

Saturday we were kind of lazy in the morning, but hit the road for Anderson around 9am.  I promised Alisa that we'd stop for some caffeine and I introduced her to our Quick Trip Gas Station... mmm... full coffee bar and doughnut bunches. :)  She was either going to love me for introducing her to all this yumminess, or absolutely hate me for the crap that I was going to make her eat!!!  The drive was quick - straight up 85 and before we knew it we were at the expo. 

And it was freezing.  Like 15 degrees cooler than it was when we left Atlanta.  Yikes.

I was signed up to race the half, was planning on switching to the olympic, and then Alisa talked to her relay team and they realized that with some switching around of teammates, there was an opening for the bike portion of their half relay.  I jumped on it (because the whole tri thing hasn't been doing it for me lately).  I'd never done a relay and it would be with my teammates so that was awesome. 

At the expo, I got to meet Chloe, Robin, Alex, and TimKati, Carole, Laura, Charlie and the REV3 family was there too so it's super fun going to a race and knowing a ton of people.  We got a quick team picture and then got checked in. 

We took a quick trip over to T1 and the swim start so that Alisa could get a practice swim and I could get my bike checked in. 

Then it was on to introducing Alisa to the wonderfulness that is Chick-fil-a. :)  I told you, she's either going to love me or hate me.  I think she loved me! :)

That afternoon and evening was pretty low key.  We laid around and watched Too Cute on the animal planet (have you see this?  Holy heck it's awesome).  We went to Target for some homemade arm warmers, we went to dinner (where we got to see Andy and Jill too), we found out that our hotel had awesome cookies in the lobby for us.  It was great, but we were super tired and ready to crash early.

Sunday morning we woke up and both of us were exhausted.  Luckily we each had only one leg to race. :)

Alisa did AMAZING in the swim.  She's awesome like that.  My leg, the 56 mile bike was good.  I took it slow, as I haven't been doing a lot of fast training.  And I won't lie, it was hilly.  For some reason my IT band was screaming at me throughout the ride which is weird because I haven't had much of that lately.  The whole time, it was kind of odd, knowing that I was only biking.  I wasn't soaking wet on my bike when I started (God bless all the people that were because it was freezing) and I knew that I didn't have to get off and run.  And that was good.  I wasn't feeling amazing.  I got to T2 and Alex was waiting for me to get the time chip and take off.  I politely informed him that I hadn't peed on my bike so the chip was clean for him, which he, and all of the spectators got quiet a kick out of.  And with that, my race was done.  I hit the potties, got changed, put my bike away and Alisa and I beelined it for the postrace grub.  We had some time to kill before Alex would be in.
Right about 5:50 race time, Alex popped around the corner.  Alisa and I were excited to run in with him as a team, but he took off.  Our finish picture is going to be classic.  He's ahead of us, she and I are looking at each other like "what the heck" and my tri top was riding up so I pulled it down.  Lovely.  The finisher swag was, as always, amazing! :)
Overall, it was an amazing weekend.  REV3 put on another amazing race... it'll be on my calendar for next year for sure.  I loved meeting new teammates, and seeing those that I already knew.  I loved all of the laughs.  But like all good things, it had to come to an end too quickly. :(

So one last thing... can you keep this little guy in your thoughts?  Things have been a bit rough lately and our little guy is showing his age quickly. :( 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

What's this? A race report???

Shocking, I know. Pick your jaws off the ground because Irondiva is doing a few small races here and there this year.  I haven't totally thrown in the towel to my competitive bone!!!  :)

But I wasn't so much competitive this race as I was happy with how it went!

Here's the story...

So  few weeks ago, Tom and I decided that we were going to look for a fall half marathon.  I love fall half marathons.  There's just something about them that make me smile.  We run a mid-distance run of 10-14 every weekend so it's not really a huge change from a normal weekend, but I love the crisp weather, everyone nervously chatting at the start, the bling at the end, etc.  We found the Allstate 13.1 Atlanta and decided to sign up.  Karen later told me that she had run it last year and really liked it.  That's the funny thing about Atlanta races... I know nothing about any of them, but can always find someone who has done it to get the inside scoop.  I figured it would be a fairly good size race based on the fact that they have them all over the US.  Perfect...

A week before the race, Karen was doing a giveaway on her blog for a free entry so I told Matt to enter, knowing that he's training for a marathon.  It fit in his schedule perfectly and as luck would have it, he won the entry!!!  So yay... I would have Karen and Matt there as well.  See... I already love racing in Atlanta!

Matt and I decided to run the race together since I've been slow and he's tapering for his big race, giving each other an out at any point if the other was going too fast (ha... that wouldn't have been me) or too slow.  I knew Tom would be a speed demon and I couldn't keep up with him.  I was just hoping to see Karen at the start and now am kicking myself for not setting up a meeting point with her because I never saw her. 

Sunday morning was beautiful - the perfect crisp day I had hoped for.  Tom and I were cozy in bed and I'm not going to lie... it was a little hard getting up at 5:30 to go run (especially since Tom stayed up to watch the Buckeyes put it to Nebraska the night before).  But I love this saying and it's what gets us going...

Matt and I lined up around the 2:00 mark.  I've been running fairly slow these days with the hills and whatnot.  I told Matt that I would like to be around 2:05.  He asked if I was good at pacing (ha... no) and asked if I was using a Garmin (again... nope... not my style).  He was so he could keep us on track.  We started out right on a 9:30 pace.  The first 3 or so miles were up and down, a little crowded, a little dark.  I couldn't really get into my groove.  But by mile 6, I was feeling great and we were consistently running right on pace.  All of a sudden I looked an we were at mile 9.  WHAT? :)  That's the awesome part about running with someone.  We talked about some great stuff - family, our values, reality tv (are you guys addicted to Breaking Amish like we both are???), racing, training, the future.  It was so great and made the miles just fly.  Before long, we were at mile 12, Tom had looped back to run to the finish with us.  Matt was feeling awesome and although I know he could have gone ahead, I think he played it smart with a marathon in two weeks (which he's going to rock... go wish him well here!)

Remember how I had hoped to run a 2:05, although I suck at pacing and wasn't wearing a Garmin?  We ended up crossing at like 2:05:34! :)  I would say that was perfect pacing!  Not close to a PR for me, and I loved it.  It was a fun race, I got to spend time getting to know Matt more, and I felt good the whole time.  And it was a GPR... a Georgia PR. :)

The race itself was great - amazing support, great course, music throughout the course, organized aid stations, a great finish line and pretty awesome bling!
If there's an Allstate 13.1 near you (LA, Dallas, Boston, Chicago, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, and New York), I'd sign up.  You won't be disappointed!  But run it with a friend.  That'll make it even better!

This coming weekend, I'm racing again (gasp) at REV3 Anderson.  I can't wait to see my teammates and race another amazing Rev race!!!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Some of the best laid plans

Aren't really planned! :)

It's a rainy day here in Atlanta... we don't have too many of them and I'm loving it.  We slept with the windows open last night and fell asleep to the sound of the raindrops falling.  Today I'm sitting in my jammies, with my hubby behind me at his desk because he has the freedom of being able to work from home.  I have 20 pounds of apples in the kitchen waiting for me to make applesauce.   A totally unplanned amazing Monday.  I love when weeks start off like that.

I've totally dropped my training plan.  I've just been doing what I want and I'll be honest, I'm happy.  Really, really happy.  And shockingly enough I had a pretty amazing September training wise.  I ended up running nearly 115 miles throughout the month.  They were slow, hilly miles, spent talking about the future with my favorite running partner.  If given the chance to follow a plan of have a month like that, I think I'd choose that every.single.time.  It just fits me best!

Yesterday we rode at the Gaps.  Sunday I'm running a half marathon (with Matt... yay... I get to see he and Jenn TWICE this week!).  In two weeks I'm racing at Rev3 South Carolina (and get to meet the fabulous Alisa!).  At the end of the month, the Diet Coke Mafia is representing at the Atlanta Marathon.  I'm having a ball right now!

Life is constantly changing for us and I love that.  I've always been such a planner and I'll have to say, I'm kind of liking flying by the seat of my pants. 

Thursday, September 27, 2012


Sometimes we just meet someone who strikes a certain chord with us.  Maybe they have a special talent, or a special personality, or there's just something that stands out.  And we want to help them.  Maybe because their heart is so amazingly big.  This is a little story about that.

Everyone knows I'm a member of Team Rev3.  We're an awesome group of athletes if I may say so myself, but we all seem to have big hearts.  We want to help where we can.  We have partnered with the Ulman Fund and that's kind of like our team's little baby.

But back in maybe August, one of our teammates reached out, telling us about a lady named Donna.  I don't know Donna personally, but her story and her amazingly big heart struck a chord with me.

Donna has a nerve disorder called Charcot Marie Tooth disease.  What, you haven't heard of it?  Yeah, I hadn't either.  But, CMT is the most common nerve disorders out there.  Donna shared a little bit of her story with us, let us know that September is is CMT Awareness Month and asked if we could help get the word out.

We are Team Rev3.  ABSOLUTELY.

Here's a little about the disease:
  • It affects nearly 1 in 2500 people
  • It's not usually a deadly disease
  • People with CMT have difficulty transmitting signals to their muscles because of genetic problems, resulting in muscle atrophy of the feet and hands and then progressing over time throughout the core
  • Some people impacted by CMT are in wheel chairs, some in legs braces, and then there are people like Donna who appear "perfectly normal" 
Donna told us a little about what the day in the life of someone with CMT is like... there's the not knowing what your future will be like in terms of mobility, there's the uncertainty of knowing how fast your disease is going to progress, there's hope for a cure, there's knowing that you have a disease that appears invisible to some,  there's the fatigue that comes with it, and there's the desire to go fast, but knowing you can't because of faulty nerves.

Donna sent us all shirts from the CMTA which is the sole single focus organization actively supporting the search for a cure for CMT.  They currently fund over 50 different research initiatives in the search for a cure for CMT.

For Donna, and all of the people out there suffering with CMT, I hope that September has brought awareness to people throughout the world who don't know what the disease is.  I hope that science brings hope for a cure.  I hope you know how amazing you all are!

To learn more about CMT, visit their website.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tuesday Ramblings...

Bullet Point Style (you love it, admit it)

  • I got to experience my first NFL game last night and it just so happened to be a Monday night game - double whammy.  Tom bought tickets for me to give him for his birthday (nice of him, huh).  He assured me that I would love the seats and that I would have the time of my life.  I will say that it was an experience to say the least.  My cheering neighbor had a smile that looked like this      and gave a disclaimer when he got to his seat with his Papa John's pizza that he'd be loud and everybody would know it.  Yay...  The lady behind me yelled out quotes from the Honey Boo Boo show.  And we had the police called to our section twice for fighting... once for a Bronco fan and a Falcons fan, both of whom I'm assuming had consumed their fair share of the $7.50 beers (I base this solely on the fact that the Bronco fan was pretty much hugging the cop to tell him his side of the story).  The other... two older women fighting about season tickets, while one was sipping on her smuggled in miniature bottle of wine and peanuts.  The game was fun... looooong (who starts a game at 8:30 at night anyway?), but I really enjoyed the experience.  And I know that Tom had a great time so that's all that matters.
  •   Nothing needs to be said about this one...

  • It's starting to look like fall in Suwanee.  The seasons are fun for Tom and I because we don't know quite what it's going to be like.  It's still in the 80's (while in Ohio, they have had some days in the 60's), but I think we'll like it.  Leaves are changing and falling, pumpkins are everywhere.  I just need to find some good apples to make sauce this year (since I haven't seen a single Macintosh, my go to apple of choice).
  • I wrote before about loving Chobani yogurt and they contacted me, telling me super exciting news that they have my favorite flavor, pineapple, in six packs.  While I've yet to find a six pack of any flavor around, Chobani graciously sent me a free six pack.  I love companies like this.  That's really really great customer service!!!  Plus I feel like a rockstar because the "champions" eat it and well, maybe that'll rub off on me.

  • Which leads me to training.  It's been hit or miss to say the least.  Ya'll know I pulled out of the Ironman.  I decided to run the Atlanta marathon on October 28th, but after two weekends of 14+ mile runs, I thought maybe it would be more fun to run the relay with some friends.  Thus the Diet Coke Mafia was born.  Oh yeah... we are going to be a kick ass team.  Thanks Karen and Charity for deciding to join in my craziness.
  • Oh... and Karen.  This girl rocks.  Seriously, if you don't follow her blog, you should.  She's training for her second Beach to Battleship which she is going to do amazing.  We were supposed to go to a training camp in PCB on Labor day weekend together.  Something came up and I couldn't go last minute.  I felt horrible.  She still went and had an amazing training weekend, and sent me this to brighten my weekend.  Absolutely awesome friend!!!! 
  •  And finally, this one's for the girls (and maybe the guys... who knows).  Have you ever bought a pair of jeans simply because of the size on the tag?  I literally went to Costco and had a pair of Lucky Brand jeans in my hands and couldn't bring myself to buy them because of the number on the tag (sad and pathetic, I know).  I then went to another store, found a pair that looked and fit just like them, and they were TWO sizes smaller.  You bet your ass I bought them.  And I might go get another pair.  Just because.  :)
Happy Tuesday!