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Monday, December 17, 2007

Chistmas is coming...

Laying in bed last night, it dawned upon Tom and I that Christmas is only a week and a day away. How very exciting! We have almost all of our gift wrapped, most of which are under the tree and I have to say, we've done a darn good job of not opening them! There have been the occasional "can you have Christmas now" conversation, but I think we can hold off!

So I've decided not to bake any cookies this year. :o( I'm kind of bummed because I love baking them, but baking them means eating them, especially when you are married to a diabetic. I've been pretty bummed about my weight lately. It just seems like when I get in the right mindset, something sets me off and I am on an endless downward spiral to rock bottom again, where I just have to start from the beginning. I started this blog as a useful tool to track my progress and I haven't kept up on this either. So no waiting until January 1st to make resolutions here. I'm starting today. I've been really good about getting 45 minutes of cardio in at least 5 times a week, I've been lifting (and really enjoy it) at least 3 times a week, and I filled my fridge this weekend with everything I need to stay on track through the holidays. heck, if I can do it now when temptation is at it's highest, I can do it anytime!

Watch out 135, here I come! :)


Carolyn said...

I'm with you. If you don't bring it into the house you can't eat it! I never make Christmas cookies. They don't last. Although Mike made a batch of his favorites - kiffels. I've been pretty good about them actually, knowing they aren't for me!
Good luck! The holidays are a hard time for moderation!

Aunt Nan said...

Moderation? What's that. I made butter cookies with Dad last Saturday and have eaten just as many as him...perhaps more. It's a losing battle...except that I'm not losing. Oh well, the new year starts soon and then watch out! I'm determined to get rid of the excess that I've gained this year. But then again, stranger things have happened.