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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

It's been a while...

I know that I haven't posted in a while. That's cause I'm busy. Story of my life right? :)

Actually this past weekend was a little vacation for Tom and I. He was in Washington DC for a conference starting Wednesday but met me in PA on Friday night to visit some family. I drove in by myself on Thursday. It could quite possibly be the most boring drive ever, but it was well worth the 8.5 hours in the car! I was going to see my cousins, their families, my aunt and uncle and my grandparents. We had a busy weekend, but it was so much fun. Tom and I definitely wish that we lived closer and although I've written over and over about not being a fan of the hills, I could see us living there if we needed to move out of Ohio! :)

One of the main reasons that we were there was because my cousin Carolyn was doing her first triathlon (my other cousin Chris was also doing his first Olympic distance tri) so we decided to be cheerers instead of racers. It was so fun. Carolyn did an awesome job, coming in 14th out of almost 40 people in her age group. She was smiling every time we saw her and although she said that she might sign up for another next year, I knew that she'd be hooked. She ended up signing up for another one in September. Next year... September... it's all the same. See... tri's are like crack - very addicting (not as bad for you though!). Anyhoo, here are some pictures of her - I'm so proud of her, not only for rocking her first race, but also for being the first person I know to say that the swim was her favorite part!!
Chris did awesome in his Olympic, although we didn't expect anything different. He's the kind of fast that Tom and I dream of. I'm talking 5:50 miles in the 10k part of the Olympic, only to later say that he didn't feel like he was running that fast. He took 3rd in his age group. Congrats! You're unbelievable.

The remainder of the weekend, we just hung out, caught up, worked out, ate, shopped, etc. It was great to get away!!! They are all coming to IMFL so I'm anxious to have them there and know that they will all be great cheerleaders for Tom and I.

As for Tom and I and our training - all is well. I can't believe that I'm down to about 80 days until the race. I'm starting to freak out a little - more for the swim than anything. I guess I'm under the impression that if I can make it out of there alive, I have a good chance of finishing! :) We have a tough week of training this week and then next weekend (the 24th) is our first half IM distance race. It's described as a "challenging" course so I'm just hoping to beat my pathetically slow race from last year when the heat got the best of me. No other goals than that. :)


Borsch said...

Love the photos of the fam.

Good luck on the 24th you will do great!

Carolyn said...

I can't believe you posted pictures of me. LOL! Thanks for your support. I am hooked. Can't believe it! :)

Molly said...

What fun!
I agree with Borsch...you are going to do great!
Take Care

Chris said...

Colleen (& Tom), had a great time, you're welcome any time, short or long term :<) It was nice to have training partners (and people who "understand")!! Thanks for cheering at the race, it was exciting. I can't wait to watch you guys rip it up in a couple of months. I know you'll both kick butt!

Emily said...

Who in your family doesn't run/swim/bike, etc? You guys are just AWESOME!!

Keep up the good work!!

Judi said...

Can't wait to meet you Colleen! Remember to look for me in transition! I have a huge rose tattoo on my right arm and the chinese black dragon on my calf.

Triathlons are like crack! They give us OCD freaks a way to release some of our insanity!