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Monday, January 26, 2009

While the cat's away...

The mouse learns a lot! :)

Tom's been gone in California since early Thursday morning and it's been a busy couple of days. I have a brand new appreciation of Tom's job within our company because wow... it's a lot of work. I'm sure he has found shortcuts and whatnot that I haven't quite acquired, but I feel like he does so much more than I could ever imagine. And of course I'm so worried that I'll mess up, which is funny, seeing as how I'm the "owner" of the company.

I've also learned that Buddy, our oldest dog, is a pain in the rear end when Tom's gone. He's completely housebroken, but pee'd in the house 4 times within the first 24 hours of Tom being gone and cried non stop!! I think more than anything, it was a sign of rebellion toward being left with me! I cried the first morning when Tom called. How will I ever be able to be a mom if I can't even tame my dogs? HA! He's gotten better, but he's still a stinker!

I've gotten a ton done though around the house - had some girlie movie days, made more applesauce for the freezer, made muffins (Fiber One Apple Cinnamon muffins are awesome by the way!), done laundry, visited with friends and family, shopped, worked, slept, worked out... I feel like I have such a huge amount of time to do things without Tom here. I wonder why that is? HA!

Training is going well. I'm starting week 3 of marathon training. It's pretty tame right now... max of 8 mile runs at one time. I did a tough 7 miler on Friday and was lucky to get outside before the snow came this weekend. It was actually 45 degrees which was a nice change, although it was windy!!! I felt pretty sluggish, but finished strong and felt good that I was able to get it done alone. This is a new concept for me - training alone! Yesterday I hit the gym for 1.5 hours and it was really fun - I kind of just escaped in my own little world for a while and got a good workout in.

All in all, it's been a good few days alone, but I miss my hubby so much! :) Guess I'm spoiled being with him all the time! Luckily he comes home tomorrow! YAY!


teacherwoman said...

I laugh at your comment about how much you get done with the hubby out of the house. LOL. Too cute.

Are you as ready as I am to see some of the snow disappear?

Marci said...

Looks like you're keeping busy... and I can tell you from experience that just marathon training will keep you busy enough in the weeks and months to come :)

Borsch said...

I think we all need that alone time forced upon us. Then we figure out what truly maters and how much we can miss that person.

Steve Stenzel said...

That's a lot of peeing!!!

Hope you're enjoying time back with the hubby!!