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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New Camera

So I took advantage of my new camera to capture a little bit of my weekend. Friday night we met our very dear friends Sarah and Patrick for some drinks and dinner at a new place called The Pub. It's a really great English pub with awesome food, a huge beer selection, and guys in kilts (the girls are in really short plaid skirts, but that didn't make me smile as much). Reminded me a little of my time overseas! Sarah and Patrick are planning their wedding and we hadn't seen both of them since before the Ironman. It was fun getting to catch up with them! Afterward, Tom and I went to BW3's to watch OSU get beat by Siena College. I proceeded to carb load (because I had 2 runs this weekend) and somehow found it amusing that there was a piece of food in my beer that seemed to be alive.(no, at the time it didn't gross me out, but thinking about it now... I wonder who's food that was!) YUCK!

Saturday we had a great run and then finally went to my mom and dad's. We'd been planning to see their remodeled bedroom and bathroom for a week but they had been sick. Everyone was feeling better and it was a beautiful night. We got to play outside for a little while and I proceeded to do what every good wife and daughter does - beat both my dad and hubby at HORSE and then beat my hubby at a foul shooting contest.

Sunday, we went for another great run, did some work on my MIL's pond, hopped on Flicka and Boom for a short bike and then plopped ourselves on the couch with some great food (umm... pretzel bites and pizza) and basketball.

Tom and I always fill out brackets for the NCAA tournament. I am in charge of highlighting the ones that I get right and the ones he gets right. After round 2, I'm up by about 10 points! :) The winner will owe the loser dinner or something. We haven't decided yet.

All in all, it was a great weekend and by Sunday evening, we all felt kind of like Buddy...


We are the Ferrari's said...

Sounds like a very chill, relaxing weekend. :)

teacherwoman said...

SOunds like a great weekend! I am jealous of the nicer weather you have there! I can't wait for the Sweet 16 this weekend!

Simi said...

I'm liking the blogging with pix!!! :)

Kristen said...

I didn't know you got a camera!?!? :-) What kind did you end up buying? Looks like it takes awesome pictures. I'm glad you had a nice weekend!