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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Things that make me happy

It doesn't take much. Here's my most recent list:

  1. A girl's trip in September. I've never been on a girl's trip and totally on a whim, my bestie and I booked flights to go to West Palm Beach for a few days in September, sans the hubbies! It's just the two of us as no one else wanted to come :( but we are going to have a blast. We know NOTHING about the place, but booked a hotel for super cheap through Priceline and have a rental car. I know that there's a beach and shopping and food. Really what more can 2 crazy girls want. R - we just have to accidentally on purpose forget to answer our phones if crazy Italian tour guide calls! :) Oh, and did I mention that the trip falls between hell week 1 and hell week 2 of training! It's going to be just what the doctor ordered!

  2. Gummy vitamins for grownups. Silly, I know, but I'm the world's most horrible person at taking vitamins. And when I say horrible, I simply mean it doesn't happen. I've tried everything - the Women's ones which help your metabolism, kids ones, the chocolate knock off, etc. I couldn't stand any of them! These things are fab! They are little little gummy bears and I just have to chew 2 a day! They don't offer everything that I need in a vitamin, but come on - it's better than nothing!!!
  3. Summer tv - I'm a dork and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Big Brother which I've come to associate it with summer. It's definitely brainless tv, but it so gets me excited on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday nights. It's the little things people! :)
  4. The Tour - I try channel my inner biker when I'm out on my long rides while the tours on. HA! I wish I looked so fluid and confident on the bike as these guys. They are truly amazing. Not to mention that they all look awesome in spandex and well, a woman obviously didn't invent bike clothes! And although I've been calling it the Tour de Lance, I have to give that dude some props... he's pretty impressive!
  5. Knowing that High Heels and High Hopes is coming along and the prospect of it being an amazing event. Tom made an amazing website for it (www.highheelsandhighhopes.com) and I'm getting excited to see how it all comes together. Just my little good deed for the year!
  6. I'm about to start racing a lot in the next few weeks. I have an Olympic next weekend, a half marathon, 2 half ironman distances and lots of long training days coming - and I'm actually getting excited. The dread has started to subside a little and I'm looking forward to being pushed. Now if I can just ward off the crazy monster in my stomach that puts crazy demands on my brain to feed it all day long, I'll be golden! :)
  7. I feel good with where I'm at right now in life. Friends, family, marriage, work, health, community involvement, confidence...things are really falling into place! YAY!


matt & kaylea said...

I love Big Brother too! My Mamaw (Rhiannon's too) is a big fan, she got me hooked! We chat like every M, W, and F about the show the night before. A few years ago, the season with Dick and Danielle I even got showtime to watch big brother after dark! I'm a nerd, I know! But I was in school at the time so what else was I to do! Anyways, I just HAD to tell you that, and you know I love Ronnie for wearing the OU gear!! :)

Liz said...
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Aunt Nan said...

Even when you seem to 'fall off the wagon' with your confidence in training, you always get up, dust yourself off, and you're right back on again for the ride. You'll do beautifully in all your races, as always.

Kristen said...

I'm happy when you're happy...and that is what matters the most!!! :-)