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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

And so it begins

I know I've been in Ironman training since, well, November 3rd of last year, but maybe I was in denial. My workouts were more of "what feels good today" kind of days. I sometimes based my workouts on what I had eaten earlier ("Oh, I ate 4 cookies, I better run a little longer"). You get the picture.

Now it's on for real. No "what do I feel like doing today" workouts. The Ironman is only 52 days away. There's no playing around now.

This weekend I went out for 70 by myself. Biking alone is so boring. I take that back - the first 35 or 40 miles isn't bad. There's enough running through this little head of mine that I can keep occupied, but then I run out of things to think about. I literally try to think of things and can't come up with anything. It's sad. :) Anyway, so Tom was away and I thought that I better get my 70 in alone since I'll be riding in the Ironman alone anyway. I waited until it warmed up enough to not need long sleeves (it's been chilly here) and probably started out around 10:30. It was nice - OSU was playing their first home game and I literally think that everyone who lived or drove on my first 35 mile loop was either at the game or already on their butts watching the pregame. The roads were empty, the winds were calm, the sun was out. It was awesome! I stopped home at 35 miles, filled my bottles with more Gatorade, called my mother-in-law to tell her I was on my way to her side of town and to meet me. I hoped back on and met her around mile 42. She decided to ride 18 with me for a speed workout (which I always think is funny - she's a good athlete and feels like she can get her speed workout in during the last 20 of my long ride). Anyway, my IT starts killing me, same old story. I struggle through the last 8 miles alone and make it back home. Glad it's over, but happy to check it off my weekend plans.

Sunday Tom comes home and we're supposed to run 12 miles. That doesn't happen. I'm just sayin'...

Monday we decide to run 14 as punishment for not getting in the 12 we were supposed to do on Sunday. (Actually, it wasn't punishment, but more along the lines of we both are starting to freak that we're a little behind and have run three 13.1 mile runs in the last month and maybe need to up the distance so that next week's 17 doesn't bite us in the behind). I gained one thing from the run - the realization that I'm slow. :) Slow and steady does the trick right? I just couldn't find my groove. When I was training for the Flying Pig in May, I easily ran 8:30's all the time - usually faster on shorter runs. Monday I couldn't get under 9:10 and by the end, ended up with 9:30 average. I'm not too surprised, but still a little disappointed.

We ran 7 last night. I felt like I was flying. Once my legs realized that I wasn't kidding and they really did need to keep moving, I just felt fluid. I love that feeling. I still only managed 9:11's, but after 14 the day before, I'll take it. And I didn't feel like shit - that's the true sign that I'm fine with the pace!

This weekend we're running long and riding long, possibly in Hocking Hills. My main concern is that I'm not geared for the ride... I'm a flatlander as my cousin has called me. We'll see. Guess it'll make Florida seem downhill the whole time! HA!


Other randoms -
  • My really good friends Tracy and Jim are racing this weekend in Australia for the US team at the Olympic tri worlds. They are absolutely amazing and awe inspiring. I couldn't be more proud to know them, and to have them representing our country this weekend! GO USA!!!
  • I leave in 5 days for West Palm Beach with my bestie, Rhiannon. I'm so super excited. Things have been, ahem, stressful around the Kingery house lately and I'm glad to just get away for a few days. We have some fun things planned - shopping, a couples massage (how freaking funny is that???), beach time, I'm sure some bottles of wine, etc. Should be a good get away!
  • Tom is thinking of doing the Las Vegas marathon in early December with his mom. Yeah, exactly a month after the Ironman. Oh, and she'll use it to qualify for Boston. He asked if I would be interested. I think he was serious, but I couldn't tell. HA! At least I'll get a fun vacation out of it if he decides to go through with it. I'll be happy to do the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving. If I'm running by then, that's good enough progress for me!
  • My event, High Heels and High Hopes is October 1st. The last I heard, we had 220+ people coming. And I wonder why I'm stressed. It's so good to give back, but wowzers, just a huge amount of work. And I'm not even doing most of it!!! :)


Anonymous said...

Looking foward to HH event!!!!

Have a super vacation!

And keep up the awesome work training. You amaze me more every day. I want to be athletic like you!

Kristen said...

So hard to believe you are almost at the 50 day mark until the Ironman. I just know all your hard work will pay off with little pain.

Thankfully you'll have the High Hopes and your little vacation to keep your mind happy and healthly as you work your little hoofs off!

If I haven't told you lately...I'm so luck you are my sister!!!!!

Judi said...

hey girlie, now it's your turn for all those long training days! have fun!

Marci said...

Keep up the great work with your training. You already know it's tough but in the end all worth it :)