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Monday, December 26, 2011

Seven Atlanta "things"

Kevin at Ironman by Thirty knows that I've been kind of in a blogging funk lately (aka, I don't do anything but ramble when I do actually post and my brain just can't think of anything exciting to write about).  So he tagged me in a post in which I have to list 7 things that I'm looking forward to in Atlanta.  This should be easy!!!
1.)  Roads with undulations.  I love the fact that I live in the country and can get to an empty road in 3 miles, but... there aren't any hills.  This is a typical road in Delaware and while pretty, just doesn't do anything for making me a better biker!
2.) The sports teams... just think of all the new things Tom and I can do on "date" night.  As a matter of fact, we're going to see the Atlanta Hawks play the Chicago Bulls when we are there in two weeks!  YAY for professional sports teams!
 3.) Chick-fil-a on every corner.  I love me some Chick-fil-a.   I love the way the company is run.  I love the people that work there.  I love their chicken sandwiches and their waffle fries.  I probably won't love the amount of weight I will gain from having one on every corner though. 

4.) The history.  The south has so much rich history and I'm excited to learn more about it.  Tom and I love that Delaware is an old town... by that I mean the main street has most of the original buildings, many of which just by looking at, you can imagine what is looked like in the 1800's.  There's something really cool about what makes a city and I know that Atlanta has an amazingly extensive history that we get to explore.
5.) Learning all of the Peachtree streets and whatnot.  hehehe... I swear, every road you turn on is a Peachtree, or every shopping center is a Peachtree.  Should make things fun when giving directions - "turn left on Peachtree and then pass the Peachtree mall and then make a slight right on Peachtree, past Peachtree Church." 
6.) The close proximity to other cities - In Delaware, we are 2 hours from Cincinnati and 2 hours from Cleveland.  And while those two cities are fun, after 31 years, there isn't a whole lot new to see.  Within just  a few hours drive from Atlanta, I can go to Athens, Chattanooga, Augusta, Huntsville, Birmingham, Montgomery, Knoxville, Nashville, Charlotte and Savannah.  Hello lots of things to do!!!

7.) People want to come visit.  I've lived for 10 years in Delaware and although it's a lovely town, people aren't really quick to say "hey, I'd love to come visit".  When we tell people that we are moving to Atlanta, most of them say "I can't wait to come visit".  I am so excited to have people come here, be it to actually visit me or as a stop over on another trip, to come train with us or to escape the cold.  It will be fun to show all of my friends and family our new town!

Sometimes I get sad about leaving (for instance, yesterday, when I burst into tears at my family Christmas), but I realize that there are so many great things that lie ahead of me in Atlanta.  The possibilities are endless.  The adventures will be fun!

And luckily plane tickets are easy to buy if I miss my small town!


Cotter Crunch said...

yea! we will be atl a lot! will have to come try some peaches.


I love the Kennesaw mountain run. There is a running club that forms in downtown Marietta and runs up to the mountain occasionally on Wednesday night at 6.

Teamarcia said...

Oh gosh yes I well remember the Peachtree this and that! I'm sure leaving is hard but yes, youll love Atlanta!

Jason said...

Tons of Peachtree in the Peach State.

And when I go visit my Mom in Charlotte you and Tom and come visit as well and have some home made Puerto Rican cooking......oh yeah!

Kacie Darden said...

Girl, we are EXCITED to have you!

And yes, we ALL do the Kennesaw Mt run. It is the BEST!!!

Get on down here and call me!!!!

misszippy said...

This is a great way to look at the bright side of a move. I think it will work well for you once you're all settled in!

BTW--I'm going to be there in early May, so we'll get together for a run. Isn't it funny that I go to Ohio regularly and never met you there, but will in Atlanta?

TriMOEngr said...

Good read. I've never been anywhere in the southeast. I'm sure you and Tom will have a lot to look forward to there. Best wishes with the move.

P.S. Post about your Team Rev stuff soon. :)

Lauren said...

yay for new adventures in a new city!! When we moved to Denver it was nice hearing people say they wanted to come visit! good luck with the house hunt!

Ironman By Thirty said...

Well... since you invited... haha! I am looking forward to a southern blogger meetup!

What do you mean pro sports teams? What about the Browns, Bengals, Indians, and Blue Jackets???... oh wait, you must have meant "good" pro sports teams. :)

I've never had Chick-fil-A. Love the commercials though and it sounds like they run a good business.

I hope you and Tom had a great Christmas!

Jon said...

Yes! Visit Savannah. Went to school there. Great place to visit for a few days AND! Eat! Lemme know when you go, I have a bunch of recommendations :)

Go up Dahlonega and hit up the North Georgia Mountains. Climb up Brasstown Bald, the highest peak in Georgia and visit the Bavarian town of Helen.

Have fun down there!

Kim said...


i loved savannah - went there for st pattys day a few years ago, hands down the best st pattys day (trust me, i know!) and my birthday ever!

Matty O said...

Ummmmm, STOP RUBBING IT IN!!! haha.

It will be awesome for you guys!

Yeah, the south is a great great great source of American history and lifestyle.

Keep your head up, you guys are making the right decision leaving Ohio. Trust me :)

Happy New Year!!!

Kristin Bradfield said...

I LOVE Chik Fil A! Whenever I go to Cincinnati Airport for work or drive to DC, I stop and get it. Yum.

Karen said...

oh yes, will get PLENTY of hills here :) I have to drive across town if I want to ride or run anywhere flat.

I love Atlanta (but then again I am partial...). ...and you can't go wrong with Chick fil a :)

Anne-Marie said...

Great list! It sounds like there will be a ton of fun new adventures for you and Tom in Atlanta. I think all of the historical stuff sounds really neat!

Matthew Smith said...

Although the Thrashers moved because the fans weren't showing up anymore, the Hawks, Braves and Falcons are always a blast to go see. You're going to love it!

Rachelle said...

I agree with all those points. Although Atlanta lacking a pro-hockey team is a negative in my book.

I just went to Atlanta over Thanksgiving with the team and we stayed at the Westin on Peachtree...LOL. That's too funny.

Molly said...

you're going to have a fabulous adventure in Atlanta. I hear the sweet tea is delish : )

Carolina John said...

Your first road trip from the ATL should be to Savannah. Watch "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" before you go, it's actually pretty accurate. Plus then you'll know where to go visit, like Bonaventure Cemetery and Tybee Island.

I can willingly spend hours talking about the cool shit around atlanta. Love it there.

The coolest date Kelley and I ever did while we lived in Greenville SC was to take a circular weekend. From your house go up to Chatanooga friday afternoon and visit the Tennesee Aquarium. Unbelievable. Keep going and spend friday night in Knoxville. Old Towne is a lot of fun for saturday morning. Then get on I-40 east and take it into the mountains and spend saturday night in Asheville NC. There is so much to do there it's incredible. Be sure to see the Biltmore house. Then sunday head back down Hwy 26 to I-85 south, stop in Greenville SC for lunch downtown, or an afternoon at the lake at Furman university. From Greenville it's an easy 2 hour drive back home and you're ready to go back to work monday morning. Plan this trip for a weekend in the late spring to take full advantage of the mountain blooms. Amazing weekend.

Alisa said...

What an exciting list with so many fun new adventures to try!

I'd love to come down and visit the south. Besides Florida, I've only ever been to the Carolinas and Tenn.

Caratunk Girl said...

Oh yeah, I am coming to visit you bet! It will really tick off some friends that I have in Atl because I haven't been to visit them yet! Ha ha. Great list

Blog funk must be going around!

Caratunk Girl said...

Oh yeah, I am coming to visit you bet! It will really tick off some friends that I have in Atl because I haven't been to visit them yet! Ha ha. Great list

Blog funk must be going around!

Victoria said...

I have that "Welcome Y'all" flag at our house! If you ever make it to Savannah, let me know. Blogger meet up :)

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Matty already said everything I was thinking

Unknown said...

You have lots of fun things to look forward to about moving! It is hard, but you can't have great blessings without trials.

I LOVE CHICK FIL A! Soren and I eat there at least 1x/week.

You will be close to lots of fun areas to visit. We had a blast in chattanooga when we went there, and hope to go to Nashville soon to check it out too. Hopefully I will be able to do the Knoxville Rev 3 one of these years, but it conflicts with the Derby.