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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

One down...12 to go

Well my ticker only says 11, but it's 12 in the world of losing 15 pounds. Anyway, Yippie! I lost a pound. I'm overly thrilled because in the past 7 days, I've biked 40 miles and ran 5.5. That's it... total. (Yeah, I know... am I nuts for saying that's all?!?! Probably, but those of you reading this know that's not much in the life of me). So I'm very excited.

I do have the challenge ahead of dinner tonight at my Jill's. To celebrate her b-day and Tom's, we're having a cookout. No turkey brats here baby... it's the real thing. And they are fresh from the farm. I've never had a fresh brat. Do they taste different than store bought? She seems to think so... we'll see.

I better go workout...

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Aunt Nan said...

Just what you needed to be doing on a 90+ degree day...making applesauce and Texas Chili. Today was near 90 and I also made applesauce...like mother like daughter, I guess. We're like squirrels storing for winter. Love ya.