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Sunday, October 14, 2007

A PR for me!!!

So after a less than stellar showing three weeks ago at the half Ironman, Tom and I ran the Dayton River Corridor Classic. We've run it for three or four years now and to be honest, it's always dreadful, yet we keep coming back for more. It's really a nice race, but inevitably it's right at the end of training for a marathon and I'm hurt or burnt out! NOT THIS YEAR! I PR'ed with a 2:04:52! YEAH! My goal was to just beat my best on the course (a sad 2:14 something) and not only did I do that, but I beat my old PR by over a minute! And I bet the big ogre like guy running in front of us who I thought was going to lose a lung while running... you know, the kind who are hacking up everything under the sun and always seem to be just right behind you or right in front of you. Yeah, a lovely site! So those were my goals and I was successful. A good end to a long season!


Aunt Nan said...

Your 2:04:52 is amazing. Way to go! I know how excited and thrilled you are, and rightfully so. I'm so proud of you....and Tom!

Carolyn said...

Hey how is that pasta thing going? Do you still eat it plain with no sauce? What about switching to other types of grains like couscous or quinoa? Or no white potatoes - only yams? Just a thought. XOX me