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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I'm still here..

Although I don't blog much, I'm still around! :) In case any of you were wondering where I had gone of course, which is highly unlikely! Things have been so busy around here. Our 4 Miles 4 Diabetes race is on Sunday and for my sanity and the sake of my marriage, I can't wait for it to be over! Let me tell you - running races = fun, while organizing races = VERY not fun! I feel bad because I think Tom's really into it and for once there is something that the two of us don't enjoy and it's causing some friction! But, we're going to be stronger for doing it, we're going to be better people for doing and I know that it'll end up being a good time come Sunday! :)

Otherwise not much is new here. I'm ready for the holidays... sad, since they aren't for another month. I have a good chunk of my gifts bought which is nice, although I'm anxious to get them wrapped and out of my closet. I think by December 15th of so I'm going to be so sick of the holidays because I have such a huge jump on them now! Hehehe... oh well!

We're planning a trip out to Vegas to see Tonia and the babies. I can't wait! Richard will be in England visiting his family so it'll be a good time for us to go out and help Tonia with her little ones. From what we hear, they are a handful! They are both walking and starting to talk more so Tom and I are anxious to get out there. And of course, we can't wait to buy them something totally unpractical from Christmas just because it's from Aunt Colleen and Uncle Tom! I love having a niece and nephew! But I know that paybacks can be hell! :)

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Carolyn said...

I'm seeing lots of deals for flights to Vegas these days. I use Airfare Watchdog and Frommer's RSS feeds for tips. Not that I'm going anytime soon!

Hang in there with the race. Only a couple more days. Your resume must look awesome!

Love, me