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Thursday, November 8, 2007

It's all over... for now at least

Well, we're finally back from Panama City Beach and settled back into the real world. The Ironman went awesome and Tom had a great race, finishing in 12:26:22 - a full hour and some before his goal time. He loved it and the stories that went along with it were priceless. Jay finished as well, 1st in the 70-74 age group (so what if there weren't any other people, we told them his competition was probably in a nursing home!). We had a great time. So much so that I've secured my spot for 2008. Tom and I can't wait to train together this year and then race together November 1, 2008. It's going to be a lot of work, but I'm so excited!

My weight loss goal of hitting 135 means more now than ever. I know how much that will help my racing. With this being our "off season" I'm really going to crack down on things. I think it's a good time to evaluate my habits, stop eating with the excuse "well I'm working out so it doesn't matter" and get to that goal weight. Plus I want to do the run of the Ironman in a skirt (just because they are cute) and I need to put some space between my thighs for that to look good! :) Honesty hurts, I know!

I'm so proud of you Tom and can't wait to join the Ironman badass club next year!


Kristen said...

It was an incredible experience watching Tom and Jay finish the Ironman, and I am just excited about watching YOU cross it next year. I love you!! xo xo xo

Wingman said...

Way to go guys! Look forward to meeting you both. Colleen, are you going to borrow Tom's glucose meters during training just so you can feel like one of the cool kids?

I know how easily the bug can hit you when you attend one of the Ironman events, they are incredible to say the least - great job again Tom!

Carolyn said...

I'll stock you up on waterproof lip gloss to go with that running skirt! You silly girly girl you.