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Saturday, March 13, 2010


There's no rest for the weary. That's usually the life of an triathlete. But not this triathlete... I'm taking the day.

It seems so funny to me that I am having such a hard time with taking a rest day though. It's miserable out. I should just be happy to be laying on the couch, or better yet, shopping for my upcoming Hawaii trip (did I mention I was going? I think I might have... a time or two...) :) But here I'm sitting patiently waiting for my husband to call me, probably hoping to get some reinforcement that it's alright to take a rest day. It's been over a week. I know I need it. I felt it in my legs last night when I laid down to bed. I felt it this morning when I walked up the stairs with a basket of laundry. But my mind still argues with my body.

"Just one 30 minute swim would do you a world of good".

"Just hop on the bike and spin for an hour. Read a magazine while you do it and don't worry about time and pace".

"Running in the rain isn't horrible when it's nearly 50 degrees out".

I can't stop my mind. Ugh... it's annoying! I know I'll be happier tomorrow if I rest, so I will. It's not unusual for my mind to win in the game of triathlon. It's something I'm working on. This time, the mind winning is a good thing I guess!


Carolyn said...

Shameless plug to do some yoga!

teacherwoman said...

It's so hard to take a rest day... especially when you have plenty of time to do something! Enjoy it, though!

Judi said...

ocd ocd ocd ocd.

:) me too.

Stevi N. Honaker said...

I'll repeat some wise words a very wise women has shared with me.....listen to your body, rest is good.

P.S. I can't tell you how excited I am for our little 13.1 mile trot in May.