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Thursday, April 29, 2010

I'm still here in the land of relaxation

I was supposed to come home last night, but I love it here too much!!! That and I wasn't ready to leave my hubby (all together now... "Ahhhhhh"). So I forked over some miles, taught my mother in law how to fill some orders and extended my trip 2 full days. :) Such sacrifices I'll make.

I got to hear Tom talk last night - super cool experience! Quite a few type 1's came out to hear his story. They were all active which is awesome and in awe of what Tom and Team Type 1 does. I love seeing Tom in his element!

So after much sun, relaxation, trashy books (Chelsea Handler's new book is really funny), runs up Diamond Head, shopping, eating and sleeping, I'll head home tomorrow. But, I have one full day left with Tom. We're heading to Pearl Harbor tomorrow and then spending the day at the beach before we part ways (we don't get to fly home together as I'm heading to Ohio and Tom's heading to California to run The Relay with his team).

Oh, and I thought that it was smart to sign up for a half marathon on Saturday. Between the overnight flight, the layover in Dallas (which should be voted the World's Worst Airport), and the 6 hour time difference that I am finally used to, my 8am 13.1 miles on Saturday should be fun.

Good thing I already hit my sub 1:50 'cause I don't see it happening in 3 days!

Pictures of paradise to come...


teacherwoman said...

Glad to hear you are enjoying yourself!

BTW, I love Chelsea Handler. I will have to look into that book!

Judi said...

wear compression tights on the plane!

Simi said...

Awww, I really do think it's so cute that you stayed 2 more days.. you'd be crazy NOT To! Plussss...

I love how you mention seeing "Tom in his element." it is for sure fun to see your spouse motivating others in such a powerful way!

You guys ROCK!!!

Anonymous said...

I love to hear you two talk about each other...such love. :-) Glad you got to stay an extra two days.

Good luck with the race. You'll kick some ass.

And you're right...the Dallas airport blows big chunks. GAG