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Monday, October 1, 2012

Some of the best laid plans

Aren't really planned! :)

It's a rainy day here in Atlanta... we don't have too many of them and I'm loving it.  We slept with the windows open last night and fell asleep to the sound of the raindrops falling.  Today I'm sitting in my jammies, with my hubby behind me at his desk because he has the freedom of being able to work from home.  I have 20 pounds of apples in the kitchen waiting for me to make applesauce.   A totally unplanned amazing Monday.  I love when weeks start off like that.

I've totally dropped my training plan.  I've just been doing what I want and I'll be honest, I'm happy.  Really, really happy.  And shockingly enough I had a pretty amazing September training wise.  I ended up running nearly 115 miles throughout the month.  They were slow, hilly miles, spent talking about the future with my favorite running partner.  If given the chance to follow a plan of have a month like that, I think I'd choose that every.single.time.  It just fits me best!

Yesterday we rode at the Gaps.  Sunday I'm running a half marathon (with Matt... yay... I get to see he and Jenn TWICE this week!).  In two weeks I'm racing at Rev3 South Carolina (and get to meet the fabulous Alisa!).  At the end of the month, the Diet Coke Mafia is representing at the Atlanta Marathon.  I'm having a ball right now!

Life is constantly changing for us and I love that.  I've always been such a planner and I'll have to say, I'm kind of liking flying by the seat of my pants. 


Steve said...

Good job on the running Colleen. Sounds pretty good. Now get off your lazy butt, and start making applesauce. ;)

TwynMawrMom said...

I totally agree!! I'm nowhere near the level you're at, but whenever I feel a 'slump', I just train what I want to train and it ends up working for me. Looking forward to your race reports!

adena said...

You're running a half with Matt!! Love that!!

Sounds like a perfect month for you. :-)

Matthew Smith said...

Wasn't today awesome? I loved the rain and the flexibility in my schedule to have fun with Jenn and work on projects at the same time. Nice work on the running in September! I CAN'T wait till Sunday! I know the hills are gonna hurt, but we'll have fun suffering! :) I'm so glad the Lord put the Smith's and the Kingery's so close together. You guys are a blast!

Ironman By Thirty said...

The No Training Plan Training Plan!! Love it! That is what I am doing and having fun with it as well.

Have fun with the Smith's!

Aunt Nan said...

Didn't know you had a race on Sunday. We'll be cheering you on from Ohio. Matt......so glad that you and Jenn are near the Kingery's as well. You've become nice friends for both Colleen and Tom. Hope to meet you some day.

Carolina John said...

You and Alisa are both coming up to Anderson for the rev3 race there? I have to take my daughter camping that night or I would come down and spectate. It would be great to cheer you on.

Anne-Marie said...

I am so jealous of your Monday!!!

That's great you've been enjoying training by just doing what/how much you feel like doing. I'm getting excited for IM AZ, but honestly, I'm even more excited for the time after so I can do the same thing as you are now... I'm already planning at least 1-2 months of unstructured swim/bike/run and hopefully even more skiing and mountain biking.

Good luck at the half marathon!