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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Well, hello there

I'm still alive.  The child takes up all of my time these days.  No seriously, she's crazy fun but if I were to try and type a blog post when she's awake, I would get no where. She loves typing on my computer, specifically if I'm on it trying to get something accomplished.  Which usually leads to me giving up and going to play. Then when I think about what I was working on, it's too late and I've moved on (or done it on my phone in between peek-a-boo sessions or while she's eating).  Ha... such is the life of a mom I guess.

I'm getting back into training and racing.  Maybe I'll give this whole blogging thing another shot.  I mean, why not just do it all? :)


Aunt Nan said...

I'll read, for sure. So glad you're back to blogging.

Carolina John said...