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Thursday, February 5, 2009


In honor of my 29th birthday today, I thought I'd change up the 25 random things about me post that's going around and write 29 random things about me:

  1. I married my best friend. Cliche, I know, but we spend every minute practically together and I couldn't imagine my life any other way.
  2. I talk to my dogs and they talk back - well Charlie does. She's my little girl.
  3. I think that I'll have a hard time loving a child as much as I love my dogs, but I'm willing totry some day.
  4. I really only want one child when I do have one and I'm secretly hoping it's a boy. :)
  5. I have only DNF'ed once in a race and it changed me as a person forever. (it was Chicago Marathon 2004 by the way)
  6. I feel like I'm cursed whenever I race a half Ironman distance tri. I've NEVER had a good race. Maybe this year is the year!
  7. Although I've finished an Ironman, I don't "feel" like and Ironman. Hum...
  8. I love pasta, but hate pasta sauce. It's butter or cheese for me please!
  9. I could eat Cheetos with every meal, although I much prefer the baked Cheetos to the real ones.
  10. Diet Pepsi is my drug of choice!
  11. My sister is one of my best friend. We haven't always been best friends though... it took some growing up for me to realize how special she is.
  12. My mom is my other best friend. I think that's the way it's supposed to be for a mom and daughter though.
  13. I have a niece and a nephew that I don't think I'll ever see again. It makes me sad and I think about them all the time.
  14. My hubby is on a triathlon team and I'm completely and utterly jealous of him getting free uniforms!
  15. I met 6 of my closest girlfriends friends online.
  16. I met my hubby online too...
  17. If I could change one thing about me, it would be the way I see myself in the mirror.
  18. I was an exchange student during 9/11 and still to this day feel like I didn't "experience" it. When I hear people talk about it, it's a very different memory for me.
  19. I've lived with an Italian girl who made the most amazing food and said the cutest things. I'd love to find her today, although I know she's in Milan somewhere... and her English wasn't very fluent any more.
  20. I played soccer for 14 years of my life. I've often thought about joining another team, although am scared to get hurt while playing.
  21. I have a cousin with the same name as me, and my sister's sister-in-law shares my name, but I've never met anyone else named Colleen.
  22. We only have one car for our family, but 4 bikes (which total cost about as much as our one car!)
  23. Someday I want to go on a cruise to the Mediterranean, but I have to have a balcony on our room! :)
  24. I hate the cold weather, but love the snow.
  25. I will exercise for food - biking 100 miles to an ice cream festival is not a big deal to me.
  26. I clip coupons and VERY rarely will pay full price for anything. I'm a Lynch girl through and through.
  27. I'm addicted to trash tv like the Real Housewives of Orange County, Matchmaker, Made, and the Hills. Secretly my hubby is too. :)
  28. I know my hubby is serious when he calls me "Colleen". That's a rarity.
  29. It doesn't phase me that this is my last year of being a 20-something, but it scares me to move up an age group bracket in racing. Does that make any sense?


megan said...

Happy Birthday!!!! I hope it's fabulous! :)

And, btw, I 100% agree with #24. :)

Liz said...

<3 You! Hope you've had a fab birthday! And, being as I used to swim in age groups, I totally understand #29!

teacherwoman said...

Happy birthday hun! I hope you had a great day! The list is wonderful. Makes me realize that we have some more things in common! :)

Number 13 makes me sad...

Kristen said...

Happy Birthday!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!! And I'm SO glad you are my best friend too!!!!!

We are the Ferrari's said...

1. Happy Birthday!
2. I realize more and more each day how much we are alike!
3. Is it a coincidence that we watch the same shows?
4. Gabe would be happy to know that Tom (The Bachelor)watchs reality TV with you too! :)

Ryan said...

Happy Bday although I'm late, oh well...Happyness to you nonetheless.

Ryan said...

Happy Bday although I'm late, oh well...Happyness to you nonetheless.

Sam, Jillian and Mary Kathryn said...

I liked reading these! I hope that you had a good birthday! I hope you got my message!