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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Oh happy day...

I'm having a good day. I get to go meet my dear friend Trisha's new baby Delaney in a little bit and I'm so excited. Her pictures are adorable so I'm excited. Plus I haven't seen Trisha lately so it'll be nice to catch up with her! :)

I have awesome friends. I feel like I need to shout that out to the world. For so long, I've been searching for a great group of friends that both Tom and I get along with well and have fun with, without the cattiness and everything that can come with groups of friends. Last night we had 8 people up to our house for dinner. Besides some plumbing problems (don't ask... although the guys all learned a lot about soldering from Tom!) we had a great time. These are the kind of friends where you can just sit around a table, eat, talk and laugh and it feels like we've all known each other our entire lives! Tom and I are so lucky to have them all in our lives! :)

It's been warm enough in Ohio the last few days that I was able to get a 9 mile run outside yesterday. I was kind of excited about it (as excited as you can be about running in Delaware) and let me just tell you... it was a beotch! WOWZERS! I don't know what it is about running outside, but my legs felt like they had cement around them. I just couldn't get them to go. I'm sure the 20 mph winds didn't help, but come on, I've raced a half Ironman in a hurricane - 20 mph should nothing! :) Anyhoo... I was totally depressed about how I felt, went through the whole "I'm never going to be able to do a marathon in May" conversation, but I finished and averaged 9:18's. I shouldn't complain. I have the ability to run and I should thank my lucky stars for that. But why does it have to feel like I'm pulling a sleigh behind me every time I step outside for a run? :)

Oh well - I'm hoping to get on my bike this week outside. I've still yet to test out my FlashPoints and to be honest, they whisper to me every day that they are ready to play!


We are the Ferrari's said...

Thanks for having us over last night! You're right, we have a great group of friends!

Give Delaney a hug for me! :)

Liz said...

Love you!! We do have a great group of friends :)

teacherwoman said...

Sounds like a happy day! Have a great time with the little one!

Borsch said...

Get out there and let us know how that sweet wheel set feels. :-)