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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Lazy Sunday

I'm house sitting at my in laws and getting ready to go watch the final stage of the Tour of California (they did a blurb on Team Type 1 yesterday that was super cool - always like when they give those guys a little shout of for their accomplishments).  It's been kind of a lazy day... well as lazy as a Sunday can be I guess.

I did get a long run in today - 10 miles which is as long as I could probably have gone since I'm a wuss and wouldn't run outside.  I get bored on the treadmill after about 5 minutes so finishing the entire thing today (and at a sub 9:00 pace none-the-less) made me happy.  We're just relaxing and enjoying the rest of the days in a log cabin with a hot tub on 7 acres in the woods... I actually get paid to stay here... it's not a bad gig! :)

I haven't talked much about my weight loss (or lack there of) lately and that's probably a good thing (naw... it's not been that bad!).  I do want to give major props to some foods thought that I've been loving lately.  They are definitely worth a try for someone who's looking for some replacements for the yummy evil foods.

First, Fiber One Muffins.  OH MY GOODNESS they are good!  Costco has jumbo packs of these apple cinnamon mixes and all you do is add some applesauce (I do that instead of the oil), some water and a little bit of egg substitute and it tastes like I slaved away over these things.  They are really really good!!! ;)  And at 2 points a piece (or 4 if you go big in the jumbo muffin pan!) they are great!  Oh... and lots of fiber which well - has it's benefits! :)

My new other favorite indulgence is the Fiber Plus Antioxidant bars by Kellogg's.  I've only tried the dark chocolate and almond ones and I'm smitten.  It's like a little candy bar, with an extra kick with the almonds.  I love them as a good alternative to candy (no, they won't replace my love for Peanut M&Ms, but at 2 points a bar, I don't feel NEARLY as guilty!) Yummo!  Now if I can only keep them in the house between shopping trips, I'd be much better off! Again these have a lot of fiber in them (like 35% of your daily recommendation) so it's best to just eat maybe one a day! ;)

Lastly, yesterday for a snack I made homemade mozzarella sticks.  They turned out awesome!  I took reduced fat string cheese, dipped them quickly in egg beaters, covered them in breadcrumbs and then pan sauteed them for like 3 minutes.  Tom ate some too and said that they were better than what you usually get at a restaurant, although I honestly can't tell you the last time I ordered mozzarella sticks!  Definitely a fun treat when I'm wanting something a little greasy without the guilt.

I have tons of little tricks of the trade to make eating healthier a little better.  These may not be the "best" choices in the world, but they are so much better than the alternative! ;)

Off to go sit my tired butt on the couch!


Aunt Nan said...

Thanks for the food tips...you know me...anything to help the WW diet. I did find a yummy breakfast cinnamon/sugar pasty stick at Trader Joe's today that's 2 points for 4 of them. I'm always looking for something sweet and fun. Love you, xoxoxox

Borsch said...

Thanks for the tips on some good snacks!

Allison said...

I love the mozzarella stick idea! Great tip!

Emily said...

Oooh good idea!!

I've been trying to substitute apple sauce for oil when I can and so far, so good! I made 1 pt Oatmeal cookies this weekend! YUM :)