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Thursday, December 27, 2012

A little momma K update

I'm trying not to let this blog become a "baby blog" because really, who wants that?  But, I also haven't blogged since the 17th and well, I have major baby brain.  It seems most every thought revolves around our little one these days.  So I will give an update on that.

First, I had an AMAZING Christmas.  What about you?  My mom and dad came in and bless them, after a 13+ hour drive which should have taken them 9.5, stayed through this morning.  They were supposed to leave yesterday morning but with Snowmageddon in Ohio happening, they stayed another day which was perfectly fine with me!  We did a whole lot of nothing while they were here (I'm sure they were super bored), but I was just so happy to have them around. They totally spoiled us rotten on Christmas with gifts and love the entire time they were here.  I miss them so much and am excited to know that I'm heading to Ohio in a month so I don't have to wait that long to see them!! 

Saturday morning, we went to go see Matt preach which was so great.  The people of his church are by far the nicest people ever and if you ever see someone in their professional setting and sit there saying to yourself "wow, this person is doing EXACTLY what they should be doing", then that was me on Saturday.  He's incredible.  His message was phenomenal (not to mention it included many pictures of Baby C which I always love seeing), but he was funny, and well... just Matt.  It was really a great experience and Tom and I can't wait to go back!  (On a totally side note, check out his blog here for a chance to enter and win a medal hanger from runningmedalhangers.com.   You only have through tomorrow night but I saw one when I was at his house last week and it's really cool!)

Okay, now on to some baby news.  Saturday afternoon, we took my mom and dad to see an ultrasound of Baby K since they had never seen an ultrasound before.  I'm so glad that we did that.  Plus, we got to find out Baby K's gender, (but I'll get to that in a minute).  Here's one of the pictures from Saturday.
As you can see, the little stinker had it's legs crossed for the ultrasound and the umbilical chord was between the legs.  I was convinced that I wouldn't find out it it was a he or she, but alas, Baby K cooperated and we were able to see what we needed to see!  I'm going to hold off letting everyone know what it is until we have it confirmed in three weeks at the doctor. :)  I'm no fun like that.  Feel free to guess.

We immediately went shopping (because, you know, that's what you do with grandma and grandpa when they are in town).  We were able to get the crib ordered and the bedding which should be coming in the next week or so.  We have decided to make a different room the nursery and are going to do a little swap-a-roo this weekend to get started.  And Tom and I spent like 2 hours in Babies R Us today just looking around at everything, trying to decide what we want to register in a few weeks.  Where do I even start???

I went to the doctor yesterday for some blood work and he seemed really happy with things.  I'm 17 and a half weeks.  At this point, the doctor told me that I had gained 3.5 pounds and he was super happy with that.  Me too.  I think it's actually a little higher as that was based on my 8.5 week appointment, but I still think that I'm around 5 pounds.  I feel like I've gained 50.  And I look like it too. :)  I'm definitely struggling with my regular clothes.  And by struggling I mean, if they have a button and zipper, it ain't happening.  Hahaha.  No, I won't post a picture of me with a "little" bump on here.  Again, I'm such a downer aren't I? :)  I just think it's weird... personal preference I guess.  Maybe when I'm big and feel more pregnant and not like a walrus then I'll humor y'all.  Let's just say, it's definitely obvious that I'm pregnant.

I am still working out about 6 days a week and that will be my saving grace as long as I can.  I am really happy with how December is going.  I ran a little more than 4.5 miles today at a sub-10 minute pace on a fairly hilly course so that makes me happy.  I have been able to maintain that sub-10 pace throughout so far and although that doesn't seem like anything really great, I was only running 9:20-9:30's prior to getting knocked up (it's damn hilly here people... I'm not kidding).  I haven't really run more than about 4-6 miles at a time (except for the 10k a week and a half ago), but that's a good distance for me at this point.  I've also started biking on the trainer more.  I took my magnet off the back wheel so I'm not obsessed with my pace, but I'm making sure that I'm working as I read my magazines and watch Teen Mom the whole time.  I'm finding that my bike shorts are less than flattering (because you know, spandex always makes everyone look great anyway) and might have to raid the hubbies stash soon enough. :)  And then there's the good ole' hour and fifteen minute walks that I take on the other days with Charlie.  They seriously about kill me more than the biking and running!  My goal in January is to do something, swim, bike, run or walk every day.  All 31 days.  Through my 22nd week.  And then we'll see how I want to handle February. I'm aiming for activity through the day I deliver.  No reason to think that won't happen.

So that's kind of where I'm at with things. All is good.  Mentally and physically I'm feeling great.  That's all I can ask for at this point!  I hope you all had a fabulous holiday and I'm making a vow that after the holidays pass, I'm going to get back to blogging more.  I have some reviews and give-aways coming up which is fun.  And so exciting sponsorship news. YAY!


Matthew Smith said...

Well, I feel like the man after a HUGE paragraph about me and going to church with me. You know how to make this pastor feel like a million bucks!!! I might have to use you as a reference sometime. :)

This blog was one FULL of happiness. It was neat to read the joy you've got right now. It is in total contrast to some other posts you wrote while moving and others back in September that were such a drag on your life. It's obvious that this is one of the best times in your life.

That 3D pic of Baby K is really cool! It's really cool to see the umbilical chord and everything. It'll be interesting to confirm your findings at the doc. Either way, that kid is going to have the best parents in these parts. You guys are going to be incredible!

Speaking of incredible, you're pretty incredible to be working out 6 days a week. That's as much as me, and I'm training for an IRONMAN! Good for you! That baby is going to have a resting heart rate of like 25 when it is born. I think we should get our pups together sometime. That could be fun!

Have a Happy New Year!

TriMOEngr said...

So pleased for you. Agree with Matt that the joy just exudes from this post. Motherhood can do that to you. Best wishes as you continue your exercise - I wasn't really working out during my last pg, but worked/did normal life stuff up through the night I went into labor. But my first pg was rough - 10 weeks of bedrest for preterm labor that started at a pg aquarobics class. Remember the "best laid plans" are God's way of humbling us sometimes, but roll with whatever comes and you'll be ready for this next major life adventure. So happy for you and Tom.

Alisa said...

Aren't the new ultrasounds cool looking? They are totally real looking, almost freakishly so. Cute that the baby is so modest with his or her legs crossed.

Great job on being active mommy! I have no doubt that baby k is going to be super healthy and happy!

Two things about this post make me mad...you're really going to withhold the gender of baby k? and no pictures of momma K?????? You're killin' us! JK I understand though I bet you look super cute =).


You've only gained 5 lbs? I'm so jealous. I gained 65 with my first. Big mistake. Good work staying active and healthy.

My guess is girl. Boys like to show off their junk. All three of my girls hid from the "camera"

Carolina John said...

uh,,,,,, only everyone wants to see more baby updates! Come on woman, make with the info and pics. I'm guessing girl too. and the sooner you embrace the maternity jeans the easier it will be for Tom to hit the buffet's. It's going to happen anyway, and they are really comfortable.

Anne-Marie said...

Yay! Glad to hear things are progressing well and that you're staying active and enjoying it!

Ironman By Thirty said...

What is wrong with a little baby blog??? :)

So awesome that you got to hear Matt preach! I've only listened to his sermon before, but he certainly does a great job.

Love the ultrasound pic!!! Can't wait to get ours!

You are way ahead of us with the shopping!!! We are still in the prepping the rooms so that we can actually prep the rooms phase. haha. We are doing the swap-a-roo thing too so we can't start on the nursery until I move the office out of it and I can't move my office out until I get started on the basement (where the office is moving).

Keep up that working out! Best thing for you and Baby K.

PS: My guess is a boy because you have been tired but not sick. I've had a couple tell me that - they were sick when they had girls, but tired when they had boys.

Wendy said...

Congrats on staying active!

We welcomed our li'l girl 24 days ago, and I gained 33 lbs with her. 9 days later it was all gone. As in "I fit in my tight pre-preg jeans" gone.

While I had to shift the activity levels, I maintained core and strength work. We did a hike/trail run the day before induction, and planks the day of for a minute a piece many times over.

In fact, the hardest part of the 41+ wks was not being active during labor and delivery.

Oh, and for the gender guess, no clue. I was completely puke free all of our in utero li'l girl time. I only craved fruits/vegs, calcium, and Cliff shotbloks.

Best wishes on your journey with Baby K!!

Oh, and if your doc will approve it, perhaps you can consider GU/sports nutrition for L&D. Ours was 36hrs 10min resulting in c-sec (girl was contentedly stuck). The GU, Gatorade, and Shotbloks saved me for the first 24-28 hrs (none after that). *Thank heavens for a mountain biking/skiing OB who understood!*

Karen said...

I say embrace the baby news on the blog. You know we want to hear it! Of course, I know nothing about birthing no babies but am guessing it can only help to stay as active as you can. Back in the day when I was hard core swimming all the time, there was a girl in the masters group who swam right up until the day she delivered. It can be done... so I hear.

Caratunk Girl said...

I love the baby K updates, so keep with the "baby head" haha

I freaking miss you!!!! SO MUCH! We need to talk about when I am going to see you. Freaking life fills up with stuff so quickly!!

I love the picture of baby K!!!! Way to go with keeping with working out!! I would be sitting on the couch eating cheetos saying, "honest, the baby's hungry!"

OK. We must catch up soon.

Caratunk Girl said...

I love the baby K updates, so keep with the "baby head" haha

I freaking miss you!!!! SO MUCH! We need to talk about when I am going to see you. Freaking life fills up with stuff so quickly!!

I love the picture of baby K!!!! Way to go with keeping with working out!! I would be sitting on the couch eating cheetos saying, "honest, the baby's hungry!"

OK. We must catch up soon.

Caratunk Girl said...

I love the baby K updates, so keep with the "baby head" haha

I freaking miss you!!!! SO MUCH! We need to talk about when I am going to see you. Freaking life fills up with stuff so quickly!!

I love the picture of baby K!!!! Way to go with keeping with working out!! I would be sitting on the couch eating cheetos saying, "honest, the baby's hungry!"

OK. We must catch up soon.