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Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas 10k race report

I love finding small town races that I've never done before.  Even better is suckering inviting a friend to join you who jumps at the chance (Karen is pretty awesome like that). So when Tom left to go out of town, I figured, "why not find a small race, and get my Saturday workout done".  The Peachtree Corner Christmas 5k and 10k was right up my alley - close to home, "rolling", 9am start, costume contest, and prizes.  Sounds pretty amazing.  Karen was in - yay!

I haven't been running nearly what I wish I could, but the hills around here wind me pretty easily, especially now that I am with child.  But I'm trying.  And I get points for that, right?  I have learned to just keep my watch off and go with how I feel which is exactly what my plan was for Saturday.  Except I wanted to have a 10k time to just see where I'm at.  You know, baseline, pregnancy PR, whatever.

I arrived early on Saturday and snagged one of the 14 spots right in front of the church where registration was.  Karen and I were meeting there, but I went in and registered since there wasn't a line.  And used the potties (bravo race director for making the men's bathroom a women's bathroom the morning of the race).  People were mulling around in Christmas socks, green and red tutu's, Santa costumes, Poodle outfits (yeah, I didn't get that either, but that's alright) and I felt a little bah-humbug because I was in the only thing that fits these days... a pair of capri's and a new running shirt that's purple.  Oh well.  Karen arrived, got her stuff and we started talking about how we definitely missed our opportunity to run in costume.  Next year Karen, next year.

Around 9, we lined up in a parking lot with a big blow up race arch within view.  I guess we were at the right place (I come to find out that this race is really laid back and I'm totally cool with that.  Some people aren't.  They are a little uptight, especially at a race that encourages running in costume).  Around 9:15 they counted us down and we were off.  I told Karen to run without me because, again, I'm with child and MUCH slower than usual.  Especially on a rolling course.

Okay, so I would love someone to define "rolling" for me in the South.  In Ohio, rolling was rolling.  You kind of went up.  You kind of went down.  No need to really change gear or pace.  Georgia "rolling" is a tad different.  This course was Ohio hilly.  Like climbing climbing climbing where the heck is the down part of this hill kind of hilly.  As in you can't find a course like this in Columbus hilly.  Alas, I'm learning that the north and the south have different definitions of things.  That's cool.  I'm getting used to that.

I started off comfortable.  All of the 5k and 10k started together and it was a tad crowded, but thinned out.  Karen got ahead and I let her go.  I hit the first mile, looked at my watch at doh, I had forgotten to start it.  Lovely.  I probably didn't want to know anyway, as I was working.  I didn't wear headphones in hopes to really listen to my breathing and make sure I wasn't working too hard.  I felt good, but I'm not going to lie, it was hard.  I didn't pass a ton of people, but a ton of people didn't pass me either so that was good.  I just stayed steady.  Both laps were very similar in terms of effort.  I was happy.  I came to the finish line and the race clock was not on.  Awesome.  So I had hoped to know how I finished, but would have to wait until results were posted.  I figured it was about 1:02 which I was thrilled with.

We sat around the gym for a while to see if we won something at the raffle, but we didn't.  We watched them award stuff to the costume contest (the poodles won something...) and then they posted results, but disclaimed it by saying that the official results would be different because there was a timing issue but we could at least see our places in our age groups.  Karen and I both ended up 5th in our AG according the unofficial results.  YAY!
I saw that the "official" results were posted.  I ended up finishing the 10k in 1:00:56 for a 9:50/mile pace.  I was 5th out of 17th in my age group.  At nearly 16 weeks pregnant, I'll take that!

It's humbling to run while pregnant.  I know that it's good for me and my baby.  The benefits are endless.  But it's difficult... mentally and physically.  There were many times on that course where I was breathing hard and had to slow down.  I work a lot harder to run a 9:50 pace than I did to run a 8:50 pace before. There were many times that there weren't many people in front of me.  My boobs get in the way of my arm swing (sorry, but it's a fact people).  I have to pee the whole time.  I feel like I'm running for the first time in my life after being on the couch for years, when in fact, I have been doing this for 10 years.  But you know what... I wouldn't change it for the world!

My cousin told me that every time I run to remind myself that my baby's brain is getting bigger.  You'd' be amazed how powerful that can be during a workout.


Carolina John said...

Cool! Getting to run with Karen is almost as much fun as racing while preggers huh? 16 weeks is pretty strong to keep that kind of pace. Most people I've seen slow down much more by that term. Great job!

Kacie Darden said...

I am so proud of you!!!

Matthew Smith said...

Colleen, you freaking rock for getting out there and doing really well! 5th is totally respectable, and it's even more impressive that you carried someone with you the whole way! Good for you! I bet your baby had a fun time too! :)

Karen said...

That baby's brain is going to be huge! :). Seriously, next year you and Tom could run as Mary and Joseph and then Baby K could be in the stroller which you would have to deck out as a manger. Maybe a little star up above somehow? Anyone that also runs would be wise men or shepherds. A whole nativity scene... Alternatively, I could start stocking up on pink scrunchies and tube socks to take on the poodle contingent :)

Alisa said...

Awesome job for momma and baby!

It's definitely "hilly" around here too. I can about 1 mile north or south from my house without hills but anything longer than 2 miles I'll be climbing. At least we both live at sea level and it's not hilly and at elevation :).

I was just thinking, I have never run a 10k that wasn't attached to a tri =). Haha

Anne-Marie said...

That's so awesome! 5th place AG is great regardless, but even more impressive when pregnant. Glad to see you're staying active!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

That is awesome, congrats on the race!!

Loved learning the difference between Ohio Rolling and Georgia Rolling, I am still trying to figure out how I am going to train for the bike at Switzerland with Ohio rolling hills.

Ironman By Thirty said...

Congrats on the race!!

I chuckle only because all of this is sounds very familiar :)

Unknown said...

Great job! Can't wait to see your cute belly getting bigger, you may disagree but once it gets past "feeling fat" and you start feeling "pregnant", its amazing ... one of the best times of your life. And your baby is going to come out knowing about lifestyle exercise, love it. BTW, if you haven't looked into jogging strollers, (or if you have) I highly recommend the BOB - used it for the past 5 years with both (incl the double BOB).

Molly said...

Whoo hoo, great job! I have to hand it to you, the most I did while preggo was walk really fast : ) Merry Christmas Colleen!