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Monday, December 3, 2012

Some ramblings

First off, ya'll are awesome.  Thank you so much for all the kind words about our news of the baby.  We're excited and to have all of you tell us how great of parents we'll be made me smile.  You know just the right things to say to make me happy. :)

Tom just told me that Kate Middleton is pregnant and that should help take some of the attention off me. Hahaha - I love him.

One more baby related thing and then I'll move on.  As most of you know, Baby K is the reason that I didn't do Ironman Florida.  So many people asked me why I wasn't racing and although I really was struggling with burnout (something fierce I may add), getting pregnant just put the nail in the coffin that it wasn't meant to be this year.  I'm a smart girl and knew that there was no chance that I would put my body through 12+ hours of exercise for the day.  It never ever crossed my mind to be quite honest.  And the pregnancy was probably a blessing in disguise when it comes to my feelings on Ironman this year.  I'm really at the "been there, done that" phase.  I'm not out to impress anyone.  I enjoy racing, but I would rather just be active.    I love setting goals for myself and the baby isn't going to stop that.  But I'm going to follow through with all that I said about following my heart from here on out with racing and training.  Someday I might feel like racing long again.  And maybe not.  I'm cool either way.

Okay, so I'm loving Georgia weather right now.  Today we went for a 4.5 mile walk with the dog and it was nearly 75 degrees when we were walking.  How awesome is that? Yesterday we realized the joy of living on a half acre of wooded land... leaves galore.  It was a day long project, but it was so amazing to not be bundled up and freezing.  Tom had shorts and a teeshirt on.  In December.  YES!

Tom's leaving on Sunday for Spain.  He'll be gone 7 days.  He's never been to Europe and I'm excited for him to see some it it, although I am wishing that I was going.  But alas, I'll keep myself entertained for the 7 days.  That's a lot of time to get my Christmas shopping done and my presents wrapped. Teeheehee. I'm about 80% done.  Now Christmas cards... that's another story.  We haven't even taken the picture for them yet.  Maybe they will be New Year's cards. :)

And just a reminder... if you are in the Atlanta area this weekend, come support Kacie and Dani and their fundraising efforts for Race Across America at All3Sports.  Friday night, Craig Alexander will be there for a book signing.  They are doing a raffle and silent auction which will start Friday and continue to another event on Saturday morning.  They have some pretty awesome stuff in the auction.  Check out their blog, Power, Pedals and Ponytails for more information.All the proceeds benefit Camp Twin Lakes.  I'm sponsoring Kacie for a day during RAAM and doing some fundraising on her behalf.  Stay tuned for information about this!  I could use your help! :)


Matthew Smith said...

Isn't this weather ridiculously amazing? I've been out on my bike! (Amazing, right?) I hope the leaves didn't kill y'all. There were so many of them. You're welcome to come over as much as you want if you need some company while Tom's gone. At this rate, the baby won't even be here yet. :) I just found Kacie's blog yesterday and am following it. I doubt I'm gonna get to meet Crowie this weekend...especially if Jenn gets induced on Friday!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Oh your not missing much here in Ohio, when the sky is clear, its freezing cold, when its warm enough to go outside, you cant because it is raining, yep it hasnt changed one bit

Heather-O said...

You better be careful bragging about that Georgia weather...otherwise the entire state of Ohio is going to up and move down south and we will all be your neighbors again ;)

So happy you guys are enjoying the move and have many wonderful new experiences ahead of you. I am jealous in many ways, but can't wait to follow along your journey.

Carolina John said...

Have fun hanging out with Crowie! Yea it was great to be in Georgia this past weekend. I'm coming back down on the 29th for a wedding thing that evening in Atlanta. maybe?

Jason said...

Where in Spain is Tom going? I loved Spain when I went and travelled from Madrid south to the coast and then over to Sevilla. What a gorgeous country.

TwynMawrMom said...

A little late to the party - but congrats - I totally understand the fears - and SO happy you are chugging along!! Swimming while pregnant is THE BEST - you forgot your body could be weightless! highly recc!!

Caratunk Girl said...

It has snowed 3" here. Already. It is still snowing. You should come and visit and get out of all that heat! hahaah :)

PS love your attitude about training/racing! Perfect!!!