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Friday, January 4, 2008

A good start

The last few days have been good for our new lifestyle changes. We ate out for lunch yesterday (our one time for the week) and we both made very smart choices - soup and salads at Applebee's. I even ordered French Onion Soup and didn't eat the cheese... that's unheard of! :) We filled the freezer with veggies, healthy meat options and now have our meals planned for the next two weeks. it's great! Not only are we going to eat 10 times better, but we're going to save SO much money this way. We also joined the Y yesterday for the next few months. I know that we are both anxious to get back to swimming. We also found an Abs class that we're going to take 3 days a week and we might even try a yoga class once a week. I love this new life!

I worked out in a skirt yesterday that I got for Christmas. LOVE IT! By far the best piece of workout clothing that I have!!! I'm definitely going to rock it in the Ironman. No questions asked!

I've set a small goal for myself. We are going to Las Vegas on January 30th and I would like to be down 5 pounds by then. I think it's attainable (especially since I gained about 5 pounds in the last two months). I'll just feel so good if I'm there by the time we leave.

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