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Monday, January 21, 2008

Just an update -

Not that I have too much to post. A few highlights:

  1. We head to Vegas in a week and a half to see Tonia and the kids. We're so excited. We'll spend 6 days with them and are very much looking forward to seeing the little monsters (and Tonia too of course!)
  2. I leave for Tahiti in about 45 days. I'm excited, nervous, anxious, happy, sad, and everything else! I'll be gone 15 days total and am already laying in bed nightly thinking of everything I need to bring for 15 days and how I'm ever going to get it all in carry on! :) That in itself is going to be an adventure!
  3. Heard today that more people are thinking about coming to IMFL this year. I'm so excited at the prospect of having my family, the Brzezicki's and the Landis's all down there. Of course I've already started thinking of what fun we can all have (and what motivation to keep going through all the hard parts I'll have getting to see all of them throughout the trip!) Yeah - I'm SUPER excited!
  4. I got my Self magazine on Saturday and am holding it for the Vegas flight, although I'm intrigued by the whole issue - it's "finding your happy weight". I've just read a teaser about your happy weight being the one where you don't have to fight to stay there! I love it and know that's what I'm aiming for.
  5. It's cold... like really cold, but the sun is shining. We have our heat on (duh) and set at 67 (that's what it's always at), and 3 radiator portable heaters downstairs. Our indoor/outdoor house thermometer which is sitting next to me downstairs says that it's 31.4 degrees outside and 60.2 degrees inside. Welcome to the life of a 100+ year old house! :( I can't wait to move!

That's all for my update today. :)


Anonymous said...

Are you moving? :o)

Unknown said...

Not soon enough! In 2-3 years maybe, we'd like to move to the Carolina's. We'll end up outgrowing our current house and when we need a bigger one, we don't want to stay in Ohio. If we can live anywhere and do business anywhere, why do we torture ourselves with miserable weather 9 months of the year!

Dances with Corgis said...

I am just here to say BOOOO to self magazine. it always makes me feel like crap about myself. i know it's supposed to pump you up, but it somehow always has the inverse affect!