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Sunday, February 17, 2008

14 Days and Counting...

Well, kind of counting! In 2 weeks I'll be in Tahiti (or just getting on the plane in LA for what it's worth). I'm getting exciting, although still apprehensive about being gone for 15 days! ACK! That's a long time... especially for Tom and I. We're that pathetic couple that everyone is grossed out by because we do everything together. All day, every day we're together so to be apart for so long is going to be hard. I'm starting to get things together for the trip and for him when I'm gone. It's a lot of work. Between leaving the company, making sure that he's fed and happy, and packing in one carry on for 15 days takes a lot of thinking and planning. Luckily I'm anal when it comes to this stuff so I have lists out the yinny started! Hopefully those will be my saving grace for the next two weeks.

Nothing much new this weekend. Did some errands on Saturday, ran 5 miles alone (which rarely happens) and then today we went and saw Juno. It was a great movie and I definitely recommend it if you haven't see it. WE're hoping to get a 10 mile run in tomorrow. Right now it's super windy and rainy, although it's 55 degrees at 9:40 at night. Tomorrow morning I'm sure it'll be cold, snowy and still windy. That's the luck I have. OH, but I did get my North Face jacket that I posted about below and it's awesome! So at least my arms and torso will be warm. As for my face, ears, hands, legs and feet... we'll that's another story!

PS - is anyone else on blogger having problems with spell check, as in it doesn't work anymore or is it just me???


Molly said...

My spell check is not working either - hate it!
That is a long tome to be apart! I was trying to think and I don't think that Scott and I have been apart that long (we have a similar "style" :))!
I am sure when you are there it will fly by! Also glad to know there is another compulsive packer and planner in the world too!
Take Care

Molly said...
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Molly said...

posted twice, sorry!