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Thursday, February 21, 2008

I'm so ready for spring

It's so depressing outside. I guess I'm a warm weather person (not that this is a new discovery or anything). I'm gonna gripe today (it's a good day to do that!) This is how I truly feel!
  • I'm sick of the snow.
  • I'm sick of the sub 30 degree days.
  • I'm sick of our house being cold.
  • I'm sick of not being able to feel my toes.
  • I'm sick of gray skies.
  • I'm sick of running on a treadmill.
  • I'm sick of looking at my Felt and wanting to be riding her.
  • I'm sick of putting 18 layers on and looking like the staypuff marshmallow woman.
  • I'm sick of seeing my hubby in sweats and being in sweats myself (although I know it keeps us warm!)
  • I'm sick of craving warm hearty meals and caving into big pots of homemade chicken and noodles, beef and noodles and the like.
  • I'm sick of the dogs wanted to run and then me putting them out, only to have them cry to come back in because they are so cold.
  • It just started snowing again - did I mention that I'm sick of the snow???

Ahhh... I feel better! :) And I know, all of you who read this will say you don't feel bad for me given my upcoming trip, but in the meantime, try to have some sympathy for me! :)


Carolyn said...

It is snowing here and ice is predicted later. At least I don't have to go out in it...Here is a warm hug I'm sending your way! Love you!

Molly said...

Sending some 60 degree TN days your way!
Although it is rainy and yucky today!
Visualize that trip!
Take Care

Kristen said...

Amen sista!