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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My Gramaryllis

When my grandma passed away last year, Tom and I wanted to have someting really special to remember her by. She was a fabulous gardner - could grow ANYTHING in ANY condition. At her funeral, they joked that she had something no one else had - 2 green thumbs! She was such an awesome lady! When we went to her house after the funeral, Tom found a potted Amaryllis. More than anything, it was a bulb and I didn't know anything about it, but agreed to drive it home from Chicago and see what happened. I was told that Amaryllis bloom usually around Christmas. We took it home, potted it and put it in our sunroom. Before we knew it, there were leaves! We were so excited. By April, it was in full bloom and was gorgeous! We asked Tom's mom (who happens to be a great gardener as well) what we needed to do. She gave us detailed instructions, although we didn't really follow them because we wanted the bulb to be around all year and was shocked that it had bloomed so late. There were leaves on it constantly. Finally in about December, we remembered hearing that it needed to go through a cold cycle to regrow. We put it outside and it froze... solid. I thought for sure that it had died and I was so bummed. We brought it in and about two weeks ago, it started growing again. This time, it's not just leaves - we can see the stem with the flower. Don't you know it... we're gonna get another bloom.

Grandma passed away in March and I think that this Amaryllis is on track to bloom in March. So they aren't supposed to bloom any time other than Christmas. This one's unique, then again - so was Grandma! :) I know she's watching over it for us!


Carolyn said...

Wow that is really neat, Colleen! I still have a plant I received after my Mom died. It always amazes me - and reaffirms that life goes on, in many forms.

Molly said...

I love bulbs in the winter! You will LOVE this flower. Enjoy her and once she blooms your only worry will be that she does not tip over...it has happened with a lot of the amaryllis I have had!
Take Care

Kristen said...

I have tears in my eyes. I too cannot wait for the flower I have from grandma too. When John and I visited her for the last time, just one year ago on the 11th, we bought grandma a hydrangea plant that is now buried in our front little area. I cannot wait for it to thaw out and grow, just like your gramaryllis. God love Grandma, because all of us certainly did!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm certain that Grandma is the 'growing force' behind your Gramaryllis doing so well. Leave it to Grandma to still be growing flowers long after she's no longer here. She and her green thumbs live on! I have one of her cactus, which of course I know aren't the most difficult to grow, but I kill everything....the cactus lives on and is thriving...again, it's Grandma.
Hard to believe it's almost one year!
Love you girls,