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Friday, February 8, 2008

I love being thrifty!

This past summer I bought Tom a Northface Soft Shell jacket at the Lands End store near my cousin's house. The coat was originally $129.99 and for some reason there was only this one on clearance and it was marked down to $49.99. I snagged it, not knowing how great of a coat it was. Tom loves it and wears it all the time. Says it's the best coat every.

Fast foward to now - I have been looking at them as well, but haven't been able to find it any cheaper than the $129.99 that they retail for. Nowhere. Period. I finally said to Tom last week that I might take some b-day money and treat myself because I don't have a coat that good. He said that we should start looking around online and see if we can find a place that offers a 20% off coupon code, as well as ebates. So I started looking. Well last night I struck gold!!! I found the coat at Zappos.com for $132.99. They offer 12% back on ebates and also do a 110% price match. I like them also because of their free overnight shipping and free return shipping if something doesn't work. Since I knew they would price match, I did some gold ole' Lynch bargin hunting. I ended up finding only one color and on size (which happen to be what I wanted) at a place called Rock Creen on sale for $77.35! So I did my math - Zappos would sell it to me for $71.79 and the 12% cash back is off the original price, meaning another $15.95 back. I got the coat for $55.84!!! I had to have Zappos verify that the store had it in stock and that it was the same one. The lady even tried to convince me to buy it from the other store (I'm sure because they are taking a loss on it by price matching it for me.) I'm so excited... and so thifty.

Here's what it looks like. It's pretty sexy. I'll get it Monday. I'm so excited!


Molly said...


I am pretty bad, I check it every Friday to see the new stuff thet have put on sale!

I must admit I am VERY impressed with your thriftyness, that is a sweat jacket! I am not farmiliar with ebates, do yo mind to fil me in?!?!

Take Care

Unknown said...

Molly, send me your email and I'll refer you. You simply sign up at ebates.com and then when you go to shop (at online places like at Zappos, snapfish, etc.), you go to ebates first, then click on the Zappos link. It will direct you to the normal website and you continue shopping like normal. When you buy something, they will credit you money back and give you a check every three months. We're already up to $70 back just based on regular internet shopping that we do all the time. Before I buy anything online, I check to see if they are with ebates and if so, make sure that I get to ther website through ebates. No catches... and they even credit you with coupons and price matching for the original price of things! My email is thekingerys at hotmail dot com. You'll get $5 if you sign up through my referal (and I'll get $5 too!)