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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

We're back

And what a trip! I'm finally feeling like myself, although even that's a bit of a stretch! We had a good time at Tonia's, but I'll tell you - two 16 months olds are a lot of work and I don't know how Tonia does it!!! We napped every day, were dead tired by about 9pm each night and generally were just wore out! We got some good hiking in - Tonia lives at about 6500 feet so that in itself was a battle. They are covered in snow up there which was really funny. Everyone heard I was going to Vegas and thought that I'd be in the warm weather - far from it! Actually, the strip wasn't very warm either - we spent some time there on Monday. Our flights were canceled both ways and yesterday was the travel day from hell. Our flight left at 12:45am, got into Dallas at 5am, we had a three hour layover, then got home around noon to Columbus. I hadn't slept more than about an hour or so and felt like crap! What a way to spend my b-day! :) But that's alright, we're happy to be home. Plus I slept 12 hours last night and feel a bit better today! Hehehe! I'll post pictures later of the kids and the mountain!

I feel like I've gotten off schedule in terms of diet and working out. We didn't eat bad when we were away (besides the Hummingbird cake Tonia made me for my b-day with cream cheese frosting - yum), but we ate a lot. Every time the kids ate, I felt like we did too. We exercised 3 days by hiking, but I didn't do any weight work outs. The hiking kicked my butt - between the uneven surface of the mountain and the high altitutde, I was working! I came back and was down 0.2 pounds. I didn't hit my goal of losing 5 pounds before going to Tonia's which was very frustrating, but maybe it was a bit of a longshot. I'm not going to lose huge amounts of weight and I just have to accept that - I like food too much! Hehehe. So I'll set a new goal -

I leave for Tahiti in 28 days. In that amount of time, I'd like to finally get down to 144 (that would be my 5 pounds lost). I'm going to get all of my weight workouts in (4 a week) and do at least 6 days of cardio (I'm scheduled for 7 since we are starting our swimming, but I'll account for a lazy day every once in a while.) Since Lent has started (and I grew up Catholic), I'm going to give something up as well - just for old time sake. Hehehe - it'll just be someting that helps me. So I'm going to give up soda. It's a bad habit that I need to kick - I rely on it to get me through my days and it's not worth it. I think these things will help get me to my sailing trip with a good feeling about things!


Anonymous said...

Caffeine soda or all soda?
How long is lent?
We have all of that diet pepsi!

Molly said...

I gave up Soda and Chocolate.

Glad that you had a good time in Vegas! We went in November '06 and I did not bring enough warm clothes...it was COLD!

Happy belated birthday!

Take Care!

Kristen said...

So glad to hear that your Vegas trip, while tiring, was a great one.

I just KNOW that you can get those five pounds off before you go on your trip. With your determination and strength, it is bound to come off of you. I'm here for you when you need, just like you are there for me!

I love you!!!!