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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I'm going to Vegas!

And I'm so excited! We need to get away, badly! I'm sick of crying dogs, rainy days, a cold house, etc. Although it's not going to be very warm on the mountain, the thought of having to do nothing but play with kids sounds great! :)

I had a great run yesterday and I need to brag a little. Prior to signing up for the Ironman, Tom and I usually ran 10 minute miles. We didn't try to go faster, point blank. Well I've really been working on my speed and yesterday I had the best results to date. We enjoyed the warmer temps and got to run outside. We did 6 miles and averaged 8:36 minute miles! YIPPIE! I think my goal of a sub 2 half marathon is definitely within reach. I have one in March and one in April to see if I can achieve that! I'm so happy and feel so great about how far I've already come!


Dances with Corgis said...

damn that is speedy 8:36?! you are flying!

Anonymous said...

That's fantastic, and I find it boring enough to be on the treadmill. I just got off it, by the way, so at least I'm using it. I can't wait to get back outside to walk. Great job, hon.

Molly said...

I read your blog after seeing your comment on Court's page. You and I are sililar size and weight (I am 5'7" and 150)...at least we were when you started. Anyway, I am in a weird spot because I can't run anymore (tore my minescus) and am looking for alternitives!
Look forward to reading your progress on the way to your Ironman!
Take Care

Kristen said...

What an incredible accomplishment! You are going to give Bella a run for her money, now aren't you??!!?? Have a great time in Vegas!

Molly said...

Even more in common...I played soccer through college too and have the legs and butt muscles to prove it! Which is one of the reasons I love yoga...my muscles develop very quickly and in a bulky manner and yoga helps me have more lean muscle, which I prefer. The Yoga Now videos that I got with Rodney Yee are by far my favorite!
Take Care